Thursday, July 19, 2018

45 49 197 | Miami Dolphins announce plan to suspend players who protest National Anthem, July 19, 2018, by the numbers

Miami has announced they are planning to suspend any player on their team who protests the National Anthem for 4-games.  Consider, today, the date of the news, is July 19, or 19/7, like 197, the 45th prime.  Miami = 45; Trump, #45, is the source of this ongoing story...

Better yet, this news comes 49-days before the start of the 99th NFL Season.

The United States of America = 99; Thirteen = 99
*13 stripes on the flag; NFL = 13
Thirteen = 45 / 45

Don't protest the 'national' anthem.

The 99th NFL season will end with Super Bowl 53, the 49th Super Bowl of the modern era.

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