Saturday, July 21, 2018

19 35 67 149 | Something I noticed about my birthday for the first time, in light of my 19:19 birth time, and my 19-letter-name

You might have heard me says I was born at 19:19 on July 21, 1983, and given a 19-letter-name.

Zachary Keefe Hubbard

Well, I never noticed this before today... further adding to the riddle...

67 is the 19th prime
Timothy Hubbard is my dad

Also, about me turning 35-years-old...

149 is the 35th prime number

And today also has 66 numerology...

7/21/2018 = 7+21+20+18 = 66

Also, my mom will turn 66-years-old on September 8, 49-days after my birthday.

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