Tuesday, July 24, 2018

39 | ESPN's First Take is moving to New York, starting September 3, 2018

As I always say, every ritual in New York is centered around the number 39.  Consider the date September 3 is written 3/9 in the majority of the world, like 39.

New York was established July 26, 1788.

7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

The first Governor of NY was born in 1739, on July 26, he was George Clinton.

George = 39 (Reduction)
Clinton = 39 (Rev. Reduction)

The United Nations in NYC is 39-floors-tall.

The World's Fair of 1939 was in NYC.

Every New York Super Bowl comes back to 39... plus way more...

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