Thursday, July 26, 2018

99 523 | Aaron Donald, #99, holding out to start the 99th NFL Season +Reminders about him being the 13th overall pick

Aaron Donald, born May 23, or 5/23, like 523, and drafted 13th overall, is one of the best examples in sports about being born and bread to be.  Keep in mind, Aaron Donald wears the number 99.

His May 23 birthday reminds that 523 is the 99th prime number.

Keep in mind the 99th NFL season is upcoming, and the New England Patriots enter the season with 523 total wins.  You'll recall, the first Patriots Super Bowl win was over the Rams.

That was February 3, 2002, 17-years to the day of Super Bowl 53.

I'll also add, if the Patriots snd Rams were to meet in Super Bowl 53, it would come 113-weeks after their last regular season meeting, and it would be their 13th head to head game all-time.

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