Wednesday, July 25, 2018

YouTube removes video exposing Supertramp's Breakfast in America 9/11 predictive programming video

In this video I warned people to watch out for Tisha B'Av weekend, which went on to have the Los Angeles and Toronto shootings.  I also exposed the artwork of Supertramp's album and how it foreshadowed September 11, 2001.

I notice there is no way to appeal this decision.

Read the blog post here:


I did a little research on Evergreen Social Media Associates and look... they are seemingly taking down anything with Supertramp in the title.!topic/youtube/NkwNgfDTHYk

Update #2:

This Evergreen Social Media Associates is an invisible company.  There is no way to contact them.

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  1. Message to Roger Hodgson via this Social Media Associates crowd, all I want to see is Goodbye Stranger on 'show completo' best guitar solo in history, sure there are other versions but that particular solo rocks. Grow some balls you gutless anonymous mongs. [not you Roger]


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