Thursday, July 26, 2018

47 82 113 | Albert Pujols passes Ken Griffey Jr. in all-time home runs, 82-days after earning 3000th hit in Seattle

*631, the 115th prime number

This is interesting.

On May 4, 2018, Albert Pujols earned his 3000th hit in Seattle, Washington, on the 47th Parallel North.

Read about it here:

5/4/2018 = 5+4+20=18 = 47 (Time = 20+9+13+5 = 47)

Now, 82-days later, on July 25, 2018, he surpasses the greatest known Seattle Mariner of all-time in home run totals, Ken Griffey Jr.

For another kicker, the Angels won 11-3, like 113.

And for yet another...

July 25, or 25/7, like 257, the 55th prime, was a great day to become 'sixth' all-time... especially as a member of the Anaheim Angels.


Read about the Matt Carpenter and Albert Pujols ritual of July 20 here:

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