Wednesday, September 19, 2018

17 39 43 44 46 47 59 107 109 191 | Masontown, PA shooting, September 19, 2018 +Same day as Middleton, WI shooting +Governor Tom Wolf


Remember, 46 was the number we were looking out for today.

September 19, or 19/9, like 199, the 46th prime
9/19/18 = 9+19+18 = 46

The Masonic strategy and agenda is ORDER out of CHAOS.

It is September 19th.

Masontown also connects to 'shooting' in multiple ways.

And as always, the 44 is present in 'Masontown' too.

Read more about Middleton, WI shooting on same day:

It came 44-days from Governor Scott Walker's birthday.

Middleton, WI shooting:
Chuck Foulke ant WTS Paradigm shooting:
44-days from Scott Walker's birthday:

The shooting in Middletown happened at a place called Paradigm, which is a word having to do with PATTERNS...

And notice this parallel between the Middleton and Masontown, PA shootings.

191, the 43rd prime number

Look at the coordinates of Masontown.

9/19/2018 = 9+19+(2+0+1+8) = 39

This comes during the time of Yom Kippur.

Read more about Yom Kippur and 39 here:

'Fayette' County also has a connect to shooting.

And for the clincher, this shooting in Masontown comes 59-days before the Governor's birthday, Tom Wolf, who will turn 70-years-old on November 17, 2018.

Tom Wolf is the 47th Governor of Pennsylvania.

From the shooting in Masontown to his birthday is 59-days.

Freemasonry sums to 59 in English and in Hebrew.

59 is the 17th prime; Modern Freemasonry began in 1717, on June 24
6/24/17 = 6+24+17 = 47 (Government = 47) (Authority = 47) (Obey = 47)


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