Saturday, September 20, 2014

33 | Chicago Archbishop and the Conspiracy of 33

Today it is reported Chicago, the city divided into 77-neighborhoods, the number of "Knights of Templar" and "the American Meridian", is getting a new Archbishop for its Catholic Church, something that hasn't happened for 17-years; a popular Occult number in recent months.  The new Archbishop, "Cupich", has a name Gematria of "33".  I'm already wondering if this guy's next placement will be the Vaitcan itself, as they have quite the history of 33...  The reporting on the transition of Chicago Archbishops is below.

  • Cupich = 3+3+7+9+3+8 = 33
Notice how the Bishop being replaced is 77-years old, much like Chicago's 77-neighborhoods.
  • Bishop = 2+9+1+8+6+7 = 33
Let us remember this man's name, and let us watch his climb.  His takeover date of November 18, one day before November 19, is also curious.  The Knights of Templar were established in the year 1119, and the date 11/19 is often used as a tribute to this organization.

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