Tuesday, September 23, 2014

33 | Terror Headlines, Khorasan to Attack U.S.

"Khorasan" is another "33" word coming from the Pentagon, joining the two biggest names there, Dempsey and Hagel.  It now accompanies ISIS, the word fills of 9s and 1s.
  • Khorasan = 2+8+6+9+1+1+1+5 = 33
  • Dempsey = 4+5+4+7+1+5+7 = 33
  • Hagel = 8+1+7+5+12 = 33
Syria's leader, al-Assad, has a September 11 birthday.  Pentagon construction began on September 11, 1941, the same day FDR declared war on the Axis Navies, and the Pentagon was attacked sixty years later to the day.  It was Flight-77 that hit the 77-foot tall Pentagon...  That entire day, was "all 33".

Notice below that Khorasan attacked at 3:30, emphasis on '33'.

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