Monday, September 22, 2014

44 | The Number of Years Since Colts First Super Bowl and Week 3 Giveaways

This past Sunday I said to watch the number 44 in the NFL.  I said this because the numerology of the date was "44".
  • Sunday, September 21, 2014
  • 9/21/14 = 9+21+14 = 44
On this date, Andrew Luck had a career day, tossing 4 TD passes and scoring 44-points in the NFLs routing of Jacksonville Jaguars.  The other game with 44-ties was the Cleveland vs Ravens game, which was in a way... Cleveland vs Cleveland.  Further, the Baltimore Ravens were once the Baltimore Colts, when they won the Super Bowl after the 1970-1971 season.  This year is the 44-annivesrary of that season and the NFL's Golden Boy, Andrew Luck, Mr. Bread to Be, is the Quarterback of that Colts team.

My pick for the 2014-15 Super Bowl is Baltimore Colts versus Detroit Lions.  For the AFC Championship Game I anticipate Peyton Manning, the former Quarterback of the Colts versus Andre Luck, or Denver Broncos versus Indianapolis Colts.  In the NFC, I expect Chicago Bears versus Detroit Lions in a game hyped as "Lions and Bears, oh my".

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