Friday, September 19, 2014

33 | Florida Grandpa Kills Six Grandchildren Hoax

Look at the headline above, notice the posting time of 11:30, with the 113 sequence.  Then look at the reported ages of the victims just below.

Do you notice the "3" and "11"?  This is typical in hoax reporting; from all victims being shot between three and eleven times in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook, to the deceased father of MH-370 not being able to be with his 3-year old and 11-month old to many more that are documented on this blog.
  • Newtown = 5+5+5+2+6+5+5 = 33
  • First parent to speak, Robert "Robbie" Parker
    • Robbie = 9+6+2+2+9+5 = 33
    • Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
    • Parker = 7+1+9+2+5+9 = 33
In the case of this shooting, the curious "numbers" continue.  The shooter is named "Don" and the reporting "police" is "Robert".  In other words, they have names with "33" Gematria, common in shooting hoaxes, and the media sponsorship that comes with them.
  • Don = 4+15+14 = 33
  • Police = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33
  • Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
Don Spirit is said to have killed his six-grandchildren, and daughter, the mother of the children, before killing himself.  That is another trend in these hoax shootings; the killer kills himself at the end.

Notice that Don Spirit was 51-years old, and the shooting was in 'Gilchrist'.

  • Gilchrist = 7+9+3+3+8+9+9+1+2 = 51
  • Conspiracy = 3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7 = 51
  • 51-years old
  • Area-51...
Again, the purpose of these hoaxes, is to impact your psychology.  It will make some people race to the story to buy more guns and ammo, it will make others fear for their families, and it will make others support unnecessary gun legislation that in the end, only leaches liberty and imposes more fees and taxes on we the people.... to make more powers and revenues for the cronies who sponsor these hoaxes.  If we are to stop it, we must awake.

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