Tuesday, September 30, 2014

33 | First Case of Ebola Confirmed in United States, September 30, 2014

Today it is reported the first case of Ebola was confirmed in the United States.  The patient is located in Texas State and the doctor doing the reporting is named "Goodman", a name with "33 Gematria"; common for movie stars as well as media witnesses.  To date, the entire Ebola story has been "33", from patient zero's age, to "Conakry".  This is the proof of what is really going on...

  • 33-years after AIDS Outbreak; 1981-2014
  • AIDS = 1+9+4+19 = 33
  • Goodman = 7+6+6+4+4+1+5 = 33
  • 33-year old patient zero
  • Conakry = 3+6+5+1+2+9+7 = 33
  • He was brought back to 33rd Parallel, Atlanta Georgia
  • ATL = 1+20+12 = 33
  • Read full CNN story here:  http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/30/health/ebola-us/index.html


  1. Zachary, I have been following your blog since late spring after I read a few blurbs from it over at the fakeologist site.

    I have been trying to enlighten myself on the whole numerology thing for most of the last year, ever since I noticed the repeating numbers and combinations of numbers that kept popping up in some of the significant news stories that we were being bombarded with.

    I don't really focus much on the letter to numbers part of it, perhaps that will come if I ever find more time to devote to it, but for the time being, I will rely on your expertise for that. Just looking at the straight up numbers associated with an event and trying to decipher "them", keeps me plenty busy for now.

    I have a decent feel for how "your" formula works but I have noticed after the limited research I have done that occult numerology and masonic numerology seem to differ slightly so it is sometimes difficult to get a feel for the purpose of a particular number or set of numbers that I feel were accentuated in a particular event.

    Exhibit A would be the number on Typhoid Harry's ebola ambulance. It is the number 37 and it seems to be a significant part of this story, because the number has been written, spoken and had close up pictures taken of it in numerous articles about this story.

    I understand that both 3 and 7 have significant meaning as stand alone numbers, but as a combination it doesn't fit the generic mold of a 77, 22, 11, 33, 39, etc. Perhaps it should just be reduced to a 1 and it is used for no other reason than to represent the inaugural case of unexpected ebola to occur in the U.S. I would be curious to hear your opinion.

    The other number that has popped up from time to time with what I believe to be an intended purpose is 86 and 68. I suppose they are mirrors of each other and could or should be regarded as such but I really don't have an answer to this riddle yet and figured you would probably be the person to ask if there actually was an answer to be found.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing how many of your predictions actually play out. Some of your stuff is hard to wrap my mind around, such as the sports stars being plants, but most of your other stuff seems to make a whole lot of sense.

  2. Thank you Spectator.

    First I will say that I find 68 and 86 often but do not know their meaning other than the values of '6' and '8' alone in numerology, which you can look up as well. As for 37, it is said to be the most important number in Genesis, which the word, has a Gematria of "33".
    Genesis = 7+5+5+5+1+9+1 = 33

    To critique myself, I over focus on "33" and neglect the possibly equal importance of numbers such as "37", which seems odd, since my own name has a Gematria of "37".
    Zachary = 8+1+3+8+1+9+7 = 37
    You should learn to decipher the words into numbers, the truth is there.
    Did you see my post about the woman who oversaw the AIDS outbreak and now Ebola outbreak in Africa and who works for the United Nations? She has a nicely crafted "33" name. I can dig up post if you haven't seen it.


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