Sunday, September 28, 2014

88 | John Hickenlooper, 42nd Governor of Colorado and Marijuana

John Hickenlooper is Governor of Colorado, one of two states with legalized marijuana; a title that deserves an asterisk.  Here in Washington, where I live, the other legal state, marijuana with a max THC value of 15% is being priced at $30-40/gram retail in the stores that are allowed to sell it (few and far between).  Who can afford that?  Almost no one; therefore weed smokers must still look for marijuana on the "illegal market", even in a state where it is "legal".  That is why the title "legal" deserves as 'asterisk'.  What is really occurring right now is a "grande experiment".

In this marijuana legalization experiment, the number "42" has been central.  In the case of John Hickenlooper, he is the 42nd Governor of Colorado.  In the case of Washington State, Washington is the 42nd State.   42 is the meaning of life number in numerology.  In the case of John Hickenlooper, he he became the 42nd Governor of Colorado on the date of January 11, 2011.  Washington became a State on 11/11...  are you seeing parallels?
  • 1/11/11
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
  • John = 1+6+8+5 = 20
  • Hickenlooper = 8+9+3+2+5+5+3+6+6+7+5+9 = 68
  • John Hickenlooper = 20+68 = 88
    • George Washington = 88
    • Uncle Sam = 88
    • Poison = 88
    • Program = 88
    • Maleficent = 88
    • California = 88
    • many more...
  • John Hickenlooper was born February 7, 1952
  • 2/7/1952 = 2+7+1+9+5+2 = 26
  • Hickenlooper graduated from Wesleyan in 1974, emphasis on '74
We're now living in the era of "new weed laws".
  • New = 14+5+23 = 42
Perhaps this is why States with "42" associations were chosen for this experimental time in what can be referred to as, "almost legalized national marijuana".  If you're having trouble understanding what is happening with marijuana in this country, I will fill you in.  In the year '33, the bottom of the Great Depression, alcohol was legalized.  Why?  So that people could drown out all the awful around them, all the sorrows, all the despair, all that was broken.  Well, the same is going to be true with marijuana.  Once the market tanks and Americans are troubled with a whole new level of "low"; much lower than low right now, they'll be greeted with legal marijuana to help them drown out their sorrows.

It is sad to think about but I know it is true.  If you disagree, your disagreement is about to be short.  Now let us close by looking at some curious land features of Colorado.  I especially appreciate the highest point, 14,440 foot Mt. Elbert.  It should be noted that the first national initiative to legalize marijuana in Colorado was initiative 44, a number that doesn't have much "good" behind it.  (Keep in mind I am a weed smoker, so my bias is not against weed).
  • Mt. 13+20 = 33
  • Elbert = 5+3+2+5+9+2 = 26
Curious Colorado Land Stats


  1. Interesting how you keep mentioning this 34th year of the Georgia Guide stones,
    Mt. Elbert is has 3 4s in it's height of 14,440, & the Georgia Guide stones are in Elbert County.

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