Thursday, February 18, 2016

110 | The Vatican is on a 110-acre lot (Familiar symbolism)

Notice the Vatican's lot is 110-acres.  How about that?  Of course the Vatican also has the Obelisk symbolism, like the United States, like Israel.

The only reason I'm posting this story, is to document that the Vatican's lot is 110 acres, a familiar number.


  1. Sean Marks of the Spurs is going to become the Nets GM. Wow Very impressive

  2. Channing Fry to the Cavs LOL. Well that pretty much seals it for Cleavland. I don't understand how people don't see the NBA is fixed

    1. Atlanta just stayed fucking pat. Their backup center is supposedly hurt and they do nothing to replace him. Fuck the trade deadline and the entire nba.

  3. James Martin = 123 = Conspiracy
    Freemasonry = 139
    Roman Catholic Church = 193

  4. Prophetic =110. Regarding The Vatican walls - I have some thoughts.....

    Inside The Vatican =1124. Crystal Skulls =1124. It would make sense to me that The Vatican is in possession of one or more Crystal Skulls. Hence the core of their - Prophetic Power =1122.

    Crystal Skull =1034. Great Wall =1134. So the Gematria says a Great Wall goes with Crystal Skull which goes with Inside The Vatican.

    Crystal Skull =173. Vatican Walls =137. Ok, Point Made ;)

    The Vatican Walls are 39ft tall. Thirty Nine Foot Tall Wall =291. Crystal Skulls =192. Ha, uncanny. Thirty Nine Feet Tall =223.

    Thirty Nine Feet =907. Thirty Nine =791. Thirty Nine Foot Tall Wall =2079. Vatican City Walls =2397.

    Vatican City =127. Castle Walls =127. Thirty Nine Feet Tall Wall =271.

    Vatican Pope =122. Pope Francis =122. Pope =52. Vatican =25. Papacy =525.

    1. The Destiny Of Pope Francis =1221. Crystal Skull & Bones =1221.

      A Crystal Skull And Crossbones =322.

    2. Mind Blown =106/1095. Prophecy =106. Ancient Bloodlines of the Illuminati =1095. Alphabet Vision =1095.

      Crystal Ball =737. History =737. Planet Saturn =737. Obamacide May Third =737.

  5. Roman Catholic Church =697. George Gaynes =697. This actor died today, 72 hours after his 98th birthday.

  6. Jeb Bush married 42 years on Feb 23rd.
    Married on 2/23. Jeez they do everything by the fucking numbers!!

  7. Nice obelisk phallus there. The St Peters Square obelisk is 135 feet tall. I'm going to apply Matthew Nicholson's mirroring system to this one. 135+531=666.

    I'd love to see how many refugees (real or fake) Vatican will take from Syria and North Africa.