Monday, March 7, 2016

44 | Pentagon invests millions to make 'cyborgs' a reality

Notice the post time, 8:44.

Military = 4+9+3+9+2+1+9+7 = 44
Cyborgs = 3+7+2+6+9+7+1 = 35/44

Who else is comforted by this news?

Well, we knew the day was coming anyway.  And honestly, if it is in the media, it is probably something they've already done, long ago.


  1. This is one of the only sci fi creations that I actually expected. Ever since I was a kid, cyborgs seem the most likely. Not saying we might not have aliens or transport beams or stargates, but we'll def have some mechanized soldiers.

  2. Here's a video of DARPA testing one of their cyborg beetles.
    Cyborg beetles to be the US military's latest weapon