Thursday, July 14, 2016

117 | Who will be the Vpprentice? CNN's mocking headlines, July 14, 2016

Perhaps the 117 coding is for something planned for the day before the 11/8 election, on 11/7?

It is interesting to note that from July 11 to November 7 is 119-days.


  1. Pence makes sense because a pence has to do with Money.

    1. And 11-7 is the date that has my focus. I really think something big going down the day before the election would send a thousand buzzsaws into motion.

  2. Pence sort of fits as "Vpprentice" (vpPrENtiCE)

  3. Trump Pence

    El jokeo from the overlords

  4. Trump = 88, 25
    Pence = 43, 25

    Poison, program(88); civil war(43); twenty-five = 149 = Skull and Bones; 88+43 = 131 Championship, 1-1-3 and 3-1-1; America, number of states (50). It's Pence.

  5. Mike Pence. This reminds me of "Sing a Song of Sixpence"
    An English children's song about Black Birds (Blacks) and English Royalty. Talk of sewing things so neatly no one ever notices.
    A common modern version is:

    Sing a song of sixpence,
    A pocket full of rye.
    Four and twenty blackbirds,
    Baked in a pie.
    When the pie was opened,
    The birds began to sing;
    Wasn't that a dainty dish,
    To set before the king?
    The king was in his counting house,
    Counting out his money;
    The queen was in the parlour,
    Eating bread and honey.
    The maid was in the garden,
    Hanging out the clothes,
    When down came a blackbird
    And pecked off her nose.[1]
    The final line of the fourth verse is sometimes slightly varied, with nose pecked or nipped off. One of the following additional verses is often added to moderate the ending:

    They sent for the king's doctor,
    who sewed it on again;
    He sewed it on so neatly,
    the seam was never seen