Thursday, July 14, 2016

44 46 | The accidental death of John Ashe before testifying against Hillary Clinton, July 4, 2016 news

A lot of people are asking me about this story.  What I think is it is contrived bullshit.  These stories of people dying before testifying against the Clintons are part of an ongoing narrative, meant to make the Clintons seem more powerful, even invincible.  Notice the emphasized word above, 'accidentally'.

Accidentally = 46 (Bill Clinton's father died in '46) (Sacrifice = 46)
John Ashe = 35/44 (Kill = 44)


  1. I had a sigh of relief yesterday because I had a debate with my brothers about the blm movement and I said how all lives matter and black on black crime is at an all time high. I told them about how the shootings were fake and don't believe what the tv tells you and I told them how they want to start a race war to implement Marshall law and my brother said that won't happen and I told him well see. I also told them the truth about 911 but my brothers said that planes did hit the building and I said give me proof and one of my brothers talked about the Sears tower incident but that wasn't proof. I told them planes can't melt steel buildings. I told them the higher ups were behind it. Thankfully they are against the blm movement and I was able to speak my mind with ease and calmness without getting ridiculed or looked at weird.

    1. Glad to hear that Darius, cheers to you. Keep it up brother.

    2. I'm trying to start a movement to awake ppl up to overthrow the higher ups.