Monday, July 4, 2016

13 58 | The Zodiac, the Gregorian Calendar and the 13 Constellations

The fact that there are 13 Constellations ties right in.

58 = 5+8 = 13

Hello Freemasonry.


  1. Hey Z, if you get bored or some gematria free time, you outta run the numbers of George Carlin just for shits. It is pretty good stuff. Maybe you have before?

    George Carlin---307J-Freemason, 114-History

    George Denis Patrick Carlin---718J-The God of Truth(lol), 243-Central Intelligence Agency

    Just curious if you think he was mostly controlled counter opposition too.

  2. Zach hows your knowledge of Astrology?

    Im starting to learn more now, all these events definitely take place in occurdance to whats going on above. The more i learn i think the more accurately i can predict future events (Not sporting events) but things like assassinations, floods ect..

    As above so below right?

    1. It's all pseudoscience j check it

    2. It's pseudoscience, so is gematria, but the elite may script events by using it.

    3. I dont know... Astrology has been used for centuries, all the way back to ancient Egypt and the Mayan calendar. There's a reason why saturn is so important and way its worshiped by the masons.

      I generally think Astrology holds so many answers into why these things happen, why these prophecies occur. Being able to spot the patterns is only the start. If you can understand why, then you have infinite knowledge.