Wednesday, July 6, 2016

19 33 42 44 49 52 67 96 187 | Giancarlo Stanton hits 4-homesruns in 4 consecutive at bats, July 5 & July 7, 2016 (Muhammad Ali tribute)

Stanton plays for the Florida Marlins.  Recall how the Marlins announced the death of Ali early, and Ali had thrown out the first pitch on the 44-year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., which happened on April 4, 1968.  Ali's pitch at the Marlins ballpark was April 4, 2012.

This news comes on July 6, a date written 6/7.

Freemasonry = 67

Here we're talking about 4 at bats and 4 home runs, on July 5 and July 6.

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

This tribute to '44' comes 33-days after the death of Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay.  He changed his name after becoming the boxing champion in '64, in Miami Beach.

6/3/2016 = 6+3+20+16 = 45 (4-weeks and 5-days later as well)

Muhammad Ali was 26-years old when the Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  Months before Bobby Kennedy died at 1:44 AM on June 6, 2016.

Robert Kennedy = 66; Sirhan Sirhan = 66

You have to appreciate the 4-2 loss in light of 'Muhammad Ali'.

Giancarlo went by the name Mike Stanton until the 2012 season, taking after his father.

The divisors for 42 sum to 96.

In Simple English Gematria, the numbers also connect.  Remember, most boxing rings are 96' around.

And again, Muhammad died at age 74, as predicted, on June 3, 63-days before Rio, when the Prophet Muhammad died at age 63.

And notice that both pitches had a '113' mph exit velocity, I'm sure.

Notice Stanton is 26-years old a well.  Mason = 26; God = 26; Jordan; Lie = 26

This ties in with his name which we'll now decode.

Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon Gematria)

And back to the player's age, with the Ali tribute.

Notice his 27th birthday is upcoming, and will be election day, November 8, 2016.  He also wears the #27, a special number in baseball, a game based on 27-outs.

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27
Baseball = 27 (Yankees lead MLB with 27 Championships)

His date of birth, written 11/8, also connects to 'death', which this seemingly was a tribute for, the 'death' of Muhammad Ali.

11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55 (Sacrifice)
11/8/2016 = 11+8+(2+0+1+6) = 28
11/8/2016 = 1+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 19 (19-miles funeral procession for Ali)
11/8/16 = 11+8+16 = 35

That date can also be written as 8/11, connecting to his "old name", Mike Stanton.

Following the theme of death, is that this happened in his 781st game, the number '187' backwards, the homicide code.

Also notice that yesterday they won 5-2, kind of like '52', the number of years Muhammad Ali was named after the Prophet Muhammad.

Following the them of 'prophecy', today's date has numerology corresponding with Revelation, and also the name he goes by, Giancarlo Stanton.  Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.

7/6/2016 = 7+6+20+16 = 49

Notice again, he hit his 19th home run, the number connected to Ali's funeral.


  1. Wow the "19" miles ! Disgusting how detailed they rig

  2. 200 all time home runs?

    Two hundred=51/132. Ali=132(English gematria)

  3. Prior to the 2011 season he was known as Mike Stanton. Mike Stanton=42. Maybe some of his stats prior 2011 are worth looking into.

    1. There were 2 other players named Mike Stanton in the league before him also.. That definitely seems worth looking into. On it now..

    2. The other more well known, more active, Mike Stanton played for the Mets in 2003. Giancarlo played against the Mets in this Ali tribute. The 2003 Mets were in their 42nd season. Both of the other Mike Stanton's were pitchers and have connections to Houston. One being born there and the other playing for the Astros at one time in his short career.