Thursday, July 21, 2016

28 33 | ESPN pays tribute to '33' on DeAndre Jordan's 28th birthday, July 21, 2016

DeAndre = 33

This story comes on his 28th birthday.

Twenty-Eight = 156
Thirty-Three = 156


  1. the famous tongue out... What a mockery on the SHeeeeeep

  2. Deandre Jordan is the biggest joke in the nba. Dude is such a waste of size. Idiot cant even make a ft

    1. @Mike M

      I just watched eastern conference championship 1998 pacers at Bulls.
      Jordan point shaving, fake fights, the defense
      Was terrible and off course Bulls won 88-83 but then ending was hilarious. Ron Harper missed the second free throw to assure 88pts. Then for the last 1:23 no one wanted to score. Jordan missed like 10 free throws down stretch. The acting was much better, refs still calling insane ghost fouls or not blowing whistle at all. Sad as a teen I loved that game.