Thursday, July 21, 2016

44 85 263 | Kansas City Royals visit White House, July 21, 2016, 263-days after World Series (Tribute to NFL's Colts?)

The Royals gave the President a #44 jersey today, a date with '44' numerology.

7/21/16 = 7+21+16 = 44

Notice the 16:03 video.  163, the 38th prime.

In Obama's remarks, he brought up the year '85, a year very important to the past Super Bowl, and Obama complimented the Broncos, saying they reminded him of the '85 Bears.

If this visit coming 263-days after the World Series ends is a nod to the NFL, perhaps that is good news for the Colts.

Again, the Broncos who just won the Super Bowl, have history with the Colts.

This visit to the White House comes 45-days after the June 6 Broncos visit, or a span of 46-days.  The Broncos Super Bowl was the 46th of the modern era, and played on a date with '45' numerology.


  1. November 17th, 2016 is 10 days after the election:

    "Ten Days Later" = 144
    "November Seventeenth" = 87 & 231

    11*17 = 187 [Murder Code]
    "One Hundred Eighty Seven" = 112 [Alt 911 Dialing Code]

    November 17th, 2016 is the 322 Day leaving 44 Days [Kill = 44]

    "Skull and Bones Three Two Two" = 96 & 321 [321 + 123 = 444]
    "Masonic" = 444 [Sumerian]

    "Forty Four Days" = 67 = "Blood Sacrifice"

  2. 263 is the 56th prime.
    56 -- president, Kenya.

    1. I'm assuming Kenya is just incidental.

  3. This is the Hebrew year 5776. Next year is 5777. Cam Newton was chosen first in the 76th NFL draft, and Peyton was born in '76. 200 years after 1776, and Peyton ended the game with 200 touchdowns. Andrew Luck was chosen first in the 77th draft, and this caused Manning to go to Denver. I believe Manning's father played with Luck's. Next year will be Super Bowl 51. The degree angles of the Great Pyramid are 51, and Area 51 is connected to aliens. Remember as well that 777, for 5777, is a lucky jackpot, like Andrew Luck. So I believe there is reason to see the Colts as Champs next year.

  4. Did you see the espn clip the other day showing luck tour around London? Showed the place where he used to live....blatant 33 on the door...and he mentioned Princess Dianna and he even mentioned Jubilee if you pay attention I suppose that has to do with 7's as well...I can email the clip if interested...

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