Wednesday, July 13, 2016

33 | 330 boxes, 30 rolls of tape & 3 packs of bubble wrap reportedly used to help David Cameron movie, July 12, 2016 reporting

330?  Down below it says they needed 30 rolls of tape and 3 packs of bubble wrap...

Cameron = 33
October = 33
Brexit = 33 (33 million voters)
Remain = 33
TM = 33 (Theresa May) (Thatcher, Margaret) (Cameron, May, Thatcher all born in October)


  1. September 9th?

    "September Ninth" = 69 [If a Six was Nine]

    1. Nice! There probably is a bunch of Saturn code. I saw where is wife was wearing a Saturn pattern-type dress when he gave his resignation.

    2. It's also a perfect day for ..... MURDER
      Maybe the 27 Club.

      9/9/2016 - 9+9+20+16 = 54 (Baseball, Masonic)
      9/9/2016 - 9+9+2+1+6 = 27 (27 Club?)
      9/9/16 - 9+9+16 = 34 (MURDER)

    3. 9-9 is 96 days before Nostradomius' birthday. I only note that because of the 69 from September Ninth. And I am also always looking at inversion math. He shares a b-day with Vanessa Hudgens(27) and I noticed Alfred Morris(27) has a b-day right around then too. My guess for the next 27 clubber is Taylor Swift(26) or Adele(27)

    4. Taylor Swift is interesting, she was just listed as the highest paid celebrity.

      Future sacrifice?

  2. 800,000
    153/108(Eng Gem)

    800,000 pounds
    314(B) which is Pi Code "twenty two divided by seven", 143/125(B) "five cubed"
    296(B,s exception)
    210/147(Eng Gem)
    314/143(EO), 296(EO, s exception)
    125(P), 143(P,s exception)

    "Chief mouser Larry"
    113(B) 30th prime "dishonest"
    132(Eng Gem)
    97(EO) 25th prime "Wimbledon"

    1. It also took "three licks" to get to the center of a TootsiePop, and that's what this story reminds me of.
      110(B), 101(B,s exception)
      110/56(EO) while 101(EO, s exeption)
      660(Eng Gem)


      432/45(Eng Gem) (432 which is also of course the cute little 432+234=666 thingie
      72/36(EO), 36(P)
      All add up to 9 or 3x3
      (Sorry I didn't see this the first or even second time around. I'm like all "duh" today... which you should be asking me how this is different than any other day...) :P

  3. The number 322 been showing up quite a bit. Recent stock market run up. The low on August 24 and 322 days to reach the recent high on Monday. David Cameron 322 weeks as PM. Then you had Mr Skull and Bones himself George Bush dancing to the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the funeral in Dallas.

  4. Looks like this idiotic pockemon go game was shown in the Simpsons as predictive programming some time ago ...

    1. Star Trek: TNG had an episode about augumented reality games taking over and forcing people out of work, school, daily duties, etc.

  5. I've never heard of the ESPY awards untill now.. I've just seen NBA players at an awards ceremony with wwe stars (actors) and Olympic athlete's plus more.
    If I was born and grew up in America I'm sure I would of seen this many years ago and thought WTF? Probably millions of NBA fans will see the cavaliers collecting an award at a show hosted by John Cena without giving it the thought NBA is also a scripted storyline, yet it's so obvious 😂

    1. Cena so blatant it's incredible and makes a ton of sense lebron went baby face and Durant turned heel.

    2. All Sports use the same philosophy of WWE scripting. WWE works on a 3 month script for the most part, 3 months between all of their Big 4. If you watch the way a feud flows for two factions or wrestlers or whatever, you will notice the peaks and valleys of the feud. They do the same with pro sports. Brady will return a hero in week 5 and beat the then undefeated Cleveland Browns.