Friday, July 1, 2016

33 42 43 | Istanbal Airport massacre planner named at 'Akhmed Chatayev', July 1, 2016 (Death toll lowers to 43)

So they settled at 43?

Massacre = 43
Airport = 43

Take it from rep Michael M33a33.

Akhmed = 1+2+8+4+5+4 = 24/33 (Muslim = 24/33)
Chatayev = 3+8+1+2+1+7+5+4 = 31
Akhmed Chatyev = 55/64

Akhmed = 1+11+8+13+5+4 = 42 (Freemason)
Chatayev = 3+8+1+20+1+25+5+22 = 85
Akhmed Chatayev = 127


  1. July 1st 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Somme. Where when it was over in November over 10 million soldiers on both sides were killed. First day of battle 110,000 British soldiers attacked. 60,000 were killed of wounded. They were mowed down by German machine gun fire.

  2. "01" is embedded in the photo of where the Christian rally is going to be held. To the right of the green splotch near the center. You have to enlarge to see it, but it there -- worked into the row of "columns".

    And who knew ISIS even HAD a "ministry of defense". Sounds British in origin -- the layers of disinformation are many & varied aren't they? Lol

    This weekend, I'll be sure to be on the lookout for THE ONE-ARMED MAN! Say ... that sounds SO familiar ... like something from a movie or tv show ... Lol, lol!! ;D :D

    1. One Armed Leader---330(J)

      Fugitive---99, 1036(J)

    2. Wow -- perfect numbers, eh? Yes -- The Fugitive! Don't really remember much about the show -- but I' m guessing the wiki page will be full of "meaningful" numbers. Thanks! ;D :D

    3. There's a one armed Russian villian in the Batman Arkham Knight video game. Actually there's 2. Twin brothers, Sickle and Mister Hammer, the Abramovici twins. They work for Penguin. Wouldn't that be some shit if they told us Akhmed here had a twin with only one arm also.

    4. Haha -- I'll be waiting for that one! Maybe he's manning ISIS Central -- at The North & South Poles ... that INVICTUS poem DID say "from pole to pole"!! Lol ;D :D

    5. Twin Terrors---179, 1074

      Nothing surprises me anymore.

      Okay, Brexit did.

  3. Zach.. Check this one out now in Bangladesh..

    20 killed, 13 wounded = 33

    "With the sound of gunfire and explosions, local TV stations reported that the rescue operation began at 7:40 a.m."... There's that 74.