Tuesday, July 12, 2016

33 42 | 'Goalpost' conversation +NFL/College Field Goal observations

What I have noticed from watching NFL and college football, is often times '44-yard' kicks will be missed, directly off the goalpost.  I honestly think this is a tribute each time, with these men showing just how good they are.

Field Goal = 6+9+5+3+4+7+6+1+3 =  44

I bring this up because people are ranting about France's close goals off the 'goalpost'.  As a kid, my best sport was baseball and I could hit the ball anywhere I wanted in batting practice.  If you told me to hit it off first base, I would, if you told me to hit off third base, I would, if you told me to take the pitcher's shins out, I would.  I was a kid.

Can grown men who play soccer for a living kick the ball off the goalpost on command?  I don't see why not.  There's a reason these guys are getting paid millions of dollars.

Goalpost = 7+6+1+3+7+6+1+2 = 33/42