Wednesday, July 13, 2016

33 49 63 82 88 223 | The collapse of Joe Perry while playing with Hollywood Vampires, July 10, 2016

This story concerns the band 'Hollywood Vampires', who I have written about in regards to the deaths of Vanity and Prince.  You might recall this band played at the Grammy's, the day Vanity died.

Joe Perry's collapse comes 303-days after the release of their studio album, September 11, 2015.

303 is a lot like '33', matching the numerology of the date of his collapse.

7/10/16 = 7+10+16 = 33 (Grammys = 33)

The time of 9:40 is interesting, because Joe Perry sums to '49'.

Joe = 1+6+5 = 12
Perry = 7+5+9+9+7 = 37
Joe Perry = 49

The 'Coney Island Boardwalk' is also a fitting place for Perry to collapse.

Notice Alice Cooper is tweeting from Brooklyn, New York.

Notice the 22.3k shares.  Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

The date of his birth is fitting for being a member of the 'Hollywood Vampires'.  Notice their album was released the day after his birthday in 2015.

9/10/1950 = 9+10+19+50 = 88

From the date of his collapse, to the date of his 66th birthday, is a span of 63-days.  Again, when you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.


  1. You've gotta wonder WHY these old rockers keep TRYING to perform when they clearly aren't up to it. It looks like they're being pushed into it, because by his age, even CEOs are retiring. It also seems like -- not all ... but a lot of them -- are "broke". Even if they DID need the money, you'd think they'd churn out a book or something else easier on their bodies. I don't think it's "ego" -- because these guys don't seem (naturally) pumped up about performing or going on tour. Instead -- (as you've mentioned before) -- they're being Pushed Beyond Their Capabilities ... most likely so "Others" can collect on their Life Insurance Policies. The Beneficiaries (i.e. Record Companies, etc) get tired of waiting -- so they speed up the process -- & then "kill 2 birds with one stone" by arranging for deaths to occur at ritually significant times. I think Jeff Young -- & you -- both mentioned that these long-term "obligations" are probably in the fine print of the contracts they signed when they were young & TOO willing to achieve "fame" at any price. I don't WANT to see ANY of these old rockers struggling onstage -- it'd be DEPRESSING. ;D :D

    1. I hear ya'! Just to be Devil's advocate ('cause I' just damned good at it...) I cannot say from personal experience, only knowing some peripherally in the music/entertainment business... People who make music or perform do it for the love of music and/or the rush of performing or merely just trying to stay relevant. Fame is a drug of it's own. I think it feeds a god complex of sorts for some also. It must be difficult for some having such enormous attention only to awaken one day of one year and find you're 'old' and no one wants you like they once did. Our entire culture revolves around the young and youthful. That industry demands it, in fact. Having been raised in that culture, I know how someone is pressed to be/stay young and look good (or "amazing" if possible at all times). It can literally make you insane.
      I'll not discount the fact that some recording contracts are made with a metaphorical gun to some of these performer's heads, but a lot of it is just them also. "He died what he loved doing" is what they'd say when the keel over dead. I'm sure the promise of astronomical posthumous revenues certainly must help their greedy record label/manager benefactors push performers into early demises, so it certainly cannot be ruled out.
      I think if people can make music, they still should... it is an art form after all. I know we attribute sex appeal to our rock stars, but I keep thinking how I might feel if someone tried to take one of my gifts away from me simply because of advanced age. I suppose it's a double edged sword of sorts, but I'm not one to give up until I am in fact dead.

    2. When you sign a contract that says Rockstar for Life, they get their due.

  2. Awesome I knew I had heard about this band before. Now I remember you talking about them. The same day they reported this, they also had an article about Steven Tyler being a grandpop again. I'm wondering if this is connected to when Tyler fell off the stage 8/17/10 while singing Love in an Elevator. He also fell off the stage 1 year 11 days prior breaking his shoulder.

  3. That reminds me, here is an interesting article on Princes death that came out on 7/11 on the CNN site.

    The other tragedy behind Prince's death -- 343/172/1426

    Yes 34 -- murder

    It's an article about how drug companies lied about the long term safety of opioid drugs.

    The article interviews a doctor from Minnesota named Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson -- 152/62/1068

    Johnsons and 62s seem to be coming up a lot in stories lately.

    Well the story comes out 81 days after Princes' death.