Sunday, July 17, 2016

33 60 64 | 'Ambush' headlines, July 17, 2016 'Police' shooting in

Today is a ripe day for a 'Police Shooting.

7/17/2016 = 7+17+(2+0+1+6) = 33
7/17/2016 = 7+17+20+16 = 60

I often wonder if the local police chief is responsible for writing these narratives.

Here are the initial stats, 3-dead, 7-injured.  Recall, Alton Sterling was 37-years old, and supposedly killed on July 5, 2016 in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge = 46
Hate Crime = 46
Sacrifice = 46

Nice retweets, old '223'.  The '84' pops too.

Michael = 33; Police = 33; Race War = 33; Masonry = 33

This sheriff says he couldn't give any details besides the shooter were in "all black".


  1. That cop looks so much like Matthew St. Patrick, it is crazy. He is an actor, he was in Six Feet Under.

  2. Whether this is a false flag or a complete hoax its serving the same purpose: militarize police now. They're really making sure to get this agenda on fast since the blue lives matter bill. So funny how again this happens in Louisiana where blue lives matter was made law. Anyone feel martial law is coming this year?

    1. Not sure about federally, but def in some states or individual cities. Probably start Sectoring us off. My wife says it'll be all Hunger Games by 2030

    2. I agree with your wife, if they aren't stopped before then... I live near Cleveland and I know some major malarkey is coming to the RNC. The Cavs win was to subdue and please the poor black residents of Cleveland who hate republicans

    3. I also think the Cavs parade and how it was presented as a peaceful gathering of many many people is going to bite the city in the ass. Especially when outsiders show up in their Guy Fawkes masks.

    4. Absolutely. I got people telling me the Cavs parade was proof that 1 million people can roam the streets peacefully. But the RNC is a little different. People around Ohio especially worship and worship the pro athletes. They love pro sports so the Cavs win for them was honestly (but sadly) one of the happiest moment of some people's lives. The RNC will be violent in Cleveland as balance and payback for the win. I wouldn't doubt if anons show up and incite a riot. Whether controlled op or not, the violent riots play right into the hand of bringing martial law to law and faster.

  3. The woman who will be doing a lot of the talking is

    Casey Rayborn Hicks---196, 1176, 1272J

    12 is coming up alot.

    Rayborn(Get it?)---93
    Casey Hicks--103

    Public Information Director--1040J, 289

    10-4. She's a "skirt"

  4. at 2:16 on cnn they started talking about obvious

  5. Yes 12 is coming up a lot.

    One suspect dead, two others may be at large.

    Also 37 is 12th prime.

  6. Cop Killer by Bodycount is 3:15 seconds, March 2015 has the recors for most police shootings in a month with over 400.

  7. I know some of the words will be re-hashed, but it seems like "unspeakable" was just used in Nice.

    1. Unspeakable=434J=The Perfect Code, Illuminate

    2. Now, why would that be the perfect code? Let's see...4+3+4=11 and 11×434=



    3. Posted at 7:04 my time. ;)

      Fuck you Zion, I am on your Pulse.