Sunday, July 17, 2016

46 53 74 118 144 147 | 3 Officer killed in Louisiana, 'Blues Lives Matter' propaganda (53-days after Blues Live Matter bill)

Three = 2+8+9+5+5 = 29
Officers = 6+6+6+9+3+5+9+1 = 45/54
Killed = 2+9+3+3+5+4 = 26/35
Three Officers Killed = 100/118 (Three Officers = 74/83) (Three = Black Lives Matter = 56)

Again, this is the state where the 'Blue Lives Matter' bill was signed, May 26, 2016.  That bill is about protecting 'police' from 'hate crimes'.  This is now the second mass killing of police in the last 10-days.

The manufactured killings in Dallas came July 7, 2016, or 7/7.

Dallas has the death gematria like 'Baton Rouge'.

The fact that these killings comes 10-days apart is probably no coincidence.

"Ten Days Later" connects to '144' which connects to '44' like 'officer'

'44' is a fateful number.

With the 's exception', shooting sums to '53'.

Shooting = 44/53

Today marks a span of 53-days from the 'Blue Lives Matter' bill in Louisiana, meant to protect police.

Remember, that date was signed May 26, 2016, the 147th day of the year; a date connecting to the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, stories that both made news July 6, 2016, 11-days ago.

5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67

Alton Sterling = 58/67
Philando Castile = 67/76
Blue Lives Matter = 58/67
Freemasonry = 58/67

The name of Cpl. L.J. McKneely ties right in as well.

I suspect this spokesperson is a federal agent.

Notice how they had him on TV at 11:30.

This reminds how the shooting of Alton Sterling was July 5, or 5/7.

Recall, Alton Sterling was 37-years old, reportedly.

With regards to them saying 'Three', it connects to 'Black Lives Matter', which the 'Blue Lives Matter' bill targets.

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, who signed the bill targeting 'Black Lives Matter', is the 56th Governor. 

His birthday also connects to 'Louisiana' and 'death'.

9/16/1966 = 9+1+6+1+9+6+6 = 38 (Louisiana) (Minnesota) (Death)