Saturday, July 9, 2016

44 52 79 106 666 | Pokemon Go leads teen to dead body, July 9, 2016 story

Recall how '666' connects to 'prophecy as well as 'computer''.  So does Wyoming.

In Simple English, Wyoming and Prophecy are a match.

Today has '52' numerology as well, also connoting to 'prophecy'.

7/9/2016 = 7+9+20+16 = 52

This story comes on 7/9, July 9, out of the 44th state, Wyoming.

We'll see if this story is hinting at a more important news story to come.  I'm sure it serves as marketing for Pokemon Go,  new video game from what I understand.


  1. I was just talking about this Pokemon Go with a friend yesterday, and how it's probably going to cause some real accidents. Because grown ass adults are playing with this childish shit. The game leading to fictional dead bodies didn't cross my mind. And in Wyoming of all places where there's more animals than people.

  2. Already people all over this game. I have heard rumors of traffic accidents already. I love the augmented reality part.

    Augmented reality- --180

    Like a real 180 on the world.

  3. Here's an original Pokemon commercial from 98 already hinging at augmented reality. People play Pokemon go through their phones now.. Smart phones are shaped a lot like the gameboy shown in the ad.

  4. "Casper" = 26 & 62 [Reflections]

    "Cheyenne" = 43 & 79
    "Murder" = 34 & 79
    "Civil War" = 43 & 97
    "Three Four" = 116 [911 Reflection]
    "One One Six" = 48 & 120 [Exact Match to "illuminati"]

    "Live" = Evil" = 444(English Gematria)

  5. Heres the transcript of a recent anonymous video:

    Seems pretty damn legit to me. Help me get some other minds on this.

  6. What is the deal with #Keep Dancing Orlando?

    "Keep Dancing Orlando" = 87 & 168
    449 is the 87th Prime

    "Four HUndred Forty Nine" = 116 [911 Reflection]
    "One One Six" = 48 & 120 [Exact Match to "illuminati"]

    "Four Four Nine" = 72
    "Seventy Two" = 168

    1. New York City = 168
      Lots of you know who in New York and Florida

  7. Pokemon GO is another step towards transhumanism. It's an "augmented reality" game where you explore the real world to find things in the game.

    1. I agree. I'm guessing Nintendo president Saturo Iwata wasn't on board with this and therefore had to be killed.