Saturday, July 2, 2016

41 47 51 57 74 112 131 146 | Joshua Brown of Canton, Ohio named as the man who died in Tesla auto-pilot crash (New York Giants Super Bowl riddle?)

This news of the man 'killed' comes on July 1, 2016.

7/1/2016 = 7+1+20+16 = 44
Kill = 11+9+12+2 = 44
Oblivion = 6+2+3+9+4+9+6+5 = 44 (Movie hints at 2017 Super Bowl with NY)

Recall, this man supposedly died May 7, or 5/7.

Tesla = 20+5+19+12+1 = 57

The man was previously unnamed, now they say he is Joshua Brown, from Canton, Ohio, where the NFL Hall of Fame is located.  Let us not forget the Cleveland Browns also play in Ohio.  Last year around the Hall of Fame Game, Frank Gifford, the Giants QB dropped dead.  I want to point out that the Giants kicker is named 'Joshua Brown'.

Joshua = 1+6+1+8+3+1 = 20
Brown = 2+9+6+5+5 = 27
Joshua Brown = 47 (Ohio = 47) (First Super Bowl in 47th season of NFL)

Joshua = 10+15+19+8+21+1 = 74 (Masonic)
Brown = 2+18+15+23+14 = 72
Joshua Brown = 146

In light of him dying on May 7, or '5/7', and knowing the connection of '57' with the NFL, it seems this story might also be a riddle for the upcoming NFL season.  After all, it was a freeway crash story out of Los Angeles that I used to predict a Broncos Super Bowl win in October 2015.

Fifty-Seven = 131
Championship = 131
Super Bowl = 131

Update:  13-weeks and 1-day after this accident, the Hall of Fame Game was canceled in Canton, Ohio.

Notice also the emphasis on 'Great' in the headline.  At the end of this coming NFL season, Super Bowl 51 will take place.

Great = 7+18+5+1+20 = 51

'Canton, Ohio' also connects.

Canton = 3+1+5+2+6+5 = 22 (22 men on the field in football) (Car = 22)
Ohio = 6+8+9+6 = 29
Canton, Ohio = 51 (Conspiracy) (Freemason) (Super Bowl 51 upcoming)

Canton = 3+1+14+20+15+14 = 67 (Year of first Super Bowl)
Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47 (First Super Bowl in 47th season of the NFL)
Canton, Ohio = 114

Here's the stats on Joshua Brown, New York Giants kicker, who seems slotted for Super Bowl 51 later this year.

Notice Josh Brown's birthday, April 29, 1979, the 119th day of the year.

4/29/1979 = 4+29+19+79 = 131 (Super Bowl) (Championship) (Fifty-Seven)
4/29/1979 = 4+2+9+1+9+7+9 = 41 (Super Bowl)
4/29/79 = 4+29+79 = 112 (Houston)


  1. The colts play the packers in the hall of fame game. Thanks to you and brother berg we have assurance the colts will at least he AFC champs. It's been planned for them this year for decades, going back to Andrew lucks father playing in Houston and possibly even before that.

    1. I'll take the credit myself. I've been documenting the pattern with the Colts and Houston since 2014, more than a year before Brother Berg found the work.

    2. I love how you sound so confident Zach. Show more confidence with your picks. Dont go back and forth and say you could make a case for this team or that. You lose alot of credibility that way

  2. First off it sounds like some scene from "Smokey and the Bandit", secondly someone driving a Tesla watching a movie from a "portable DVD player"? Seems a bit old tech for a Tesla driver. I wonder what movie they will discover in the player?

  3. J. Brown? Is Joe Brown toast? Cleveland owes a bit more to pay for the streak ending.

  4. Jim Brown, Browns all time great RB, connection?

    1. Joe Brown is on my mind because of the Judge, who was just banned from practicing law in Tennessee a few days ago, and has his 69th birthday on the 5th.

  5. Josh brown is the FG Kicker for the NY Giants. He played college at Nebraska. He even signed with the Giants same day Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. The only reason I know this is because I went to high school with a guy named Josh Brown who turned out to be gay, and we used to make fun of the Huskers because of him.

  6. Eli Apple has the same gematria in his birthday as Josh Brown.

    8/9/1995 = 8+9+19+95 = 131

    8/9/1995 = 8+9+1+9+9+5 = 41

    8/9/1995 = 8+9+95 = 112

    What's interesting about Apple is his mother (Annie) has gotten a lot of attention virtually out of nowhere. She was hired by ESPN to work on the pre "Sunday Countdown" show. Also Eli Apple was projected to go between 20-29 pick in the draft but went 10th to the Giants. The pick was considered a stunning selection according to Draft experts.
    Not sure how it all connect's bedsides the birthdays but, it's eerie how Apple ended up with the Giants and how his mother has been forced into the limelight for no apparent reason.

    Thanks Zach, your greatly appreciated.

  7. so it was a Harry Potter movie

  8. Check this out zach.. They are saying josh brown that was in the crash was part of seal team 6 the unit that killed osama bin laden and that he was watching harry potter when he was killed and the truck driver said that never happened.