Saturday, July 2, 2016

33 | 20 hostages killed, 13 injured, in Dhaka, Bangladesh ISIS propaganda

I don't think the Lake View Clinic sign in the background is an accident, seems to be part of the set.

Lake View Clinic = 66/75/84/93

20 dead, 13 injured?  A total of 33?

Some networks are reporting that the rescue effort began at 7:40.

Of course the U.S. students were from 'Georgia'.

Georgia = 44
Kill = 44

Allahu Akbar?  I think I heard them yelling "Bava Kamma!"

Allahu = 1+12+12+1+8+21 = 55
Akbar = 1+11+2+1+18 = 33
Allahu Akbar = 88

Here is yesterday's post decoding the rest of the information given:


  1. Haha -- GREAT Final Comment!! Wasn't it EMORY university's hospital where they took all the EBOLA "victims"?

    Something else big coming up in Atlanta ... The ...* 117 th *.... ZETA BETA TAU (ZBT) Convention. From JULY 21 -- 24 ... in the Buckhead Community -- aka "The Beverly Hills of the South" (that's what their FB page says).

    Yep -- The FIRST ZIONIST FRATERNITY IN THE WORLD is currently *117* YEARS OLD. (There's that 1 1 7 we keep seeing!)
    It won't turn 118 until 12/29/16.
    Their kickoff date of 7/21 falls 39 days after The Pulse Event ... & "21" is "12" read Right to Left -- as in Hebrew.

    They'll be honoring 3 chapters marking their centennials: Univ of GA, GA IoT, & Univ of AL.
    Saying they live in Buckhead ... SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, JANET JACKSON & USHER ... are listed on the ZBT's FB post about the convention (& that's the ONLY people they list). A white Jewish fraternity specifically mentioning 2 black entertainers & 1 black sports star ... hmm ... claim of ownership?? It's not like those celebrities will actually BE at the convention ... but if they're smart, they'll go into hiding -- now! Thought this tidbit might be of some interest ... ;D :D

  2. Noticed in the top pic a sign saying Lake View Clinic. L V C in Roman Numerals = 45. That's the current total of dead at the Istanbul Airport currently being given out by the media! ;D :D

    1. That is also a very familiar crescent of the Lake View banner.

  3. The world conciseness is to low to overthrow this power.

  4. Hey, Zachary. I would love for you to look into Craig Sager, the NBA reporter whom has cancer and was just honored at the espys tonight.

    Also, Craig Sager = 88 (like marrow)
    His birth numerology also equals 33
    The span of days from his birthday(6/29) to the espys(7/13) is 14 days. Fourteen = 41 or 104
    (Mark)"Cuban" also = 14 or 41