Friday, July 1, 2016

42 | 'Gunbattle and Grenades' in Bangladesh & Hindu Priest killed in Jhenaidah

40 and 2?  42?  There's a lot of '42' in this decode.

CNN has used this same headline all day with about ten different images by this point.  It must have a message.

Gunbattle and Grenades = 77/86/194

The 'grenades', the new element in the ongoing manufactured shootings, ties with 'Bangladesh'.

Today's date has 'military' appropriate numerology.  The mainstream media is a military psychological operations.

7/1/2016 = 7+1+20+16 = 44
7/1/2016 = 7+1+2+0+1+6 = 17

Notice how July 1 can be written 1/7, similar to 'military', summing to '44' and '107'.

Dhaka ties in with attack coming during the time of 'Ramadan'.

They like to code 'prophet' in their terror hoaxes at this time of year.

8:30 ties in with the name of the bakery.

The "49" year old.