Friday, July 1, 2016

33 39 42 93 121 105 | Knowing, March 20, 2009 film (Major clues about our reality)

Early in this movie, the main charter is looking through a telescope when he calls his son to tell him the lens is set on the rings of Saturn and he should take a look, which the son does.  Saturn is the keeper of 'time', and this movie is about tragedies through time, by the numbers.

The premise of this movie is that a girl in an elementary classroom in 1959 who becomes "possessed", writes out a very long list of numbers that ends up going in a time capsule to be opened in 2009.  The assignment for her classmates was to draw a picture of something from the future, but instead of drawing a picture, she writes out a very long list of continuous numbers which her teacher does not appreciate at the time.

In 2009, when the time capsule is opened, Nicholas Cage's character, supposedly an MIT professor, finds this list of numbers after it is given to his son who attends to elementary school with the time capsule.  When he sees the list, he recognizes that it is a list of dates, map coordinates and numbers reported for fatalities in tragedies.  The very first connection he makes is the date of September 11 and the number of dead.  As time goes on, he realizes the list predicts the future to come, which he lives out.

Do you remember how big '93' was in the September 11, 2001?  Again, the title of the movie.

Knowing = 11+14+15+23+9+14+7 = 93
Knowing = 2+5+6+5+9+5+7 = 39 (New York = 39)

The character name that Cage plays also fits the picture.

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20
Koestler = 2+6+5+1+2+3+5+9 = 33/42
John Koestler = 53/62

John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
Koestler = 11+15+5+19+20+12+5+18 = 105
John Koestler = 152 

It is interesting that the character's last name codes out to '42' because he teaches at MIT.

MIT = 13+9+20 = 42

In the movie, he is parked in a a traffic jam when a plane crashes into traffic.  He notices his coordinates are '42nd parallel north', '71st meridian west' when the wreck occurs.  42+71...

Anyhow, it is obvious what this movie is, a major hinting at what is truly going on in this world.  Our history has been scripted and "tragedies" have been planned.  This movie takes that reality and makes it seem like a fictional fantasy that is the work of a small child.  The people who rule over us are something else.

They also released this film on a date corresponding with 'prophecy'.  It was released on the 6-yaer anniversary of the start of the Second Iraq War.

3/20/2009 = 3+20+20+09 = 52 (Prophecy)
Six = 19+9+24 = 52

As always, 'Revelation' is the book of 'prophecy'.

Revelation = 18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14 = 121
Film runs 121-minutes long


  1. Haven't seen this one yet ... but will definitely be looking for it. I suspect they use these movies to "Educate" (some) of those advancing up the Degree Ladder. Because they've controlled the narrative for so long, it's easy to EMBED THE PERCEPTION that ... Yes -- Do You SEE How POWERFUL We Are? ... SEE The "MYSTERIOUS" Knowledge We Possess?

    Framed within the context of "Now That ... YOU KNOW ... You Must ... NEVER TELL ... Or ELSE!" ... that would certainly keep the Weaker Minded safely within the fold ... while "granting them" an appreciation for their perceived "Special Status".

    Implementing "AWE" is time-tested & guaranteed effective. Only the highest degrees will ever be shown that it's ALL nothing but contrived "Smoke & Mirrors".

    That surely must play a part in why WE are seen as such a threat to them ... because WE have essentially LEAPT -- on our own -- to the realm of "The Knowledge Of The Masters" ... thereby depriving THEM of years of control over us. Not only does THAT irritate them, but I think it Royally Pisses Them Off that they STILL can't figure out HOW WE DO IT ... which plays no small role in WHY they're so obsessed with Figuring Out The Brain & Genetics. (Wonder on, boys ... This is one Mystery you'll NEVER crack!) lol ;D :D

    1. As per my final statement above ... It's worth noting that Manley Hall was NEVER an actual Mason who advanced up the Degree Ladder. He discovered his information all on his own -- & because it was (supposedly) so in-keeping with their Masonic philosophies, they "Claimed" him as their singular "Honorary Mason". (REPORTEDLY) it "drove them nuts" trying to figure out WHERE & HOW he'd gotten this Body Of Knowledge.

      Personally though -- I suspect that some of the wiser Masters saw it as a prime opportunity to co-opt Manley's work ... using it as both a "feel good" Lure ... as well as providing additional layers of "Cover" between themselves & the "Non-33's". Adding his work to The Agenda was guaranteed to keep the lower levels spinning their wheels that much longer (& best of all -- the higher-ups never had to lift a finger to create it!).
      Meanwhile, they also worked the PARADOX angle -- convincing loads of people that somehow this Information was "Evil". At least, that's my opinion! ;D :D

    2. Excellent points as always friend, thank you for this information.

    3. And as always, Thank YOU for everything you're doing, My Friend. ;D :D

    4. Maybe we were programmed to be "awake"

    5. I've wondered about that myself. We DO seem to be different ... & it seems to go all the way back to childhood. Maybe we were designated to serve as "scouts" -- to figure some things out & then try to help the others. I suppose it doesn't matter HOW we wound up this way -- whether it's God, Aliens, Escapees From The Matrix, or even some governmental experiment ... if we're meant to find that out too -- eventually we will. (I wasn't joking about "experimentation" -- as far back as the early 1900s, they've known that radiation can cause exceptional genetic mutations -- & naturally some folks set about "exploring the possibilities". Since we've ALL been exposed to plenty of radiation ... who knows? We're definitely here at an interesting time though! ;D :D

  2. Yo I saw that movie three or four years ago. Nice post.

  3. Yo I saw that movie three or four years ago. Nice post.

  4. Seeing this movie a few years back is when I realized there was something off about the world we live in. Heard a lot of different things before running into you on YouTube. Great finding someone who's willing to show what's really going on. Great post

  5. I hate to make observations this broad and especially connecting back to basketball but I'm going to do it anyway because maybe there's more dots to connect between this..

    Nick Cage's character John Koestler has name gematria matching "Pennsylvania"(152). Philadelphia mentioned in revelation is located in Pennsylvania. This film 'Knowing' was actually shot in Melbourne Australia where Ben Simmons the #1 draft pick to the 76ers (Pennsylvania) this year is from. I also noticed there is a Simmons Hall (dormitory) on campus at MIT, which is supposedly an architectural masterpiece but it's pretty damn ugly to me.

    Maybe nothing but I thought I'd put it out there.

    1. Those are good observations, I don't know much about Australia's history, that would be worth a look.

  6. No one has referred to Knowing predictive programming of the Gulf oil spill one year before it happened in real life, look into it Zack its right up your alley, I'm sure there is more to the story here if we delve deeper. Just thought I'd let you know. I am making a flowchart of all of your work using the program Simple mind pro, I will send you the info in a vid when I feel its finished enough, I keep having to add to it cause there is so much. I will send you some progress though so you can see the charts in full and how the numbers connect visually. Then you can do what you want with the vids I give you permission. I only want what you do, the truth to be revealed. You do a great job, so keep it up and can't wait for the book release:)