Friday, July 1, 2016

25 49 52 58 98 | Istanbul bombers identified, Rakim Bulgarov & Vadin Osmanov

Rakim = 9+1+2+9+4 = 25 (Ramadan) (Massacre)
Bulgarov = 2+3+3+7+1+9+6+4 = 35
Rakim Bulgarov = 60 (Police) (Conspiracy)

Rakim = 18+1+11+9+13 = 52 (Ramadan)
Bulgarov = 2+21+12+7+1+18+15+22 = 98 (Prophet) (Istanbul)
Rakim Bulgarov = 150

Vadim = 4+1+4+9+4 = 22 (22 Chapters in Revelation)
Osmanov = 6+1+4+1+5+6+4 = 27/36
Vadim Osmanov = 49/58 (Revelation = 49) (Freemasonry = 58)

Vadim = 22+1+4+9+13 = 49 (Revelation)
Osmanov = 15+19+13+1+14+15+22 = 99
Vadim Osmanov = 148 (888, English Gematria)

Keep in mind this "attack" comes in the time of 'Ramada', having gematria of '25 and 52'.


  1. "Funny" how "I AM" can be found in BOTH names ...

    And don't you love it how the "Leaders of ISIS" are always announced AFTER they've (supposedly) "Done Something Bad"? Where's this MASTER LIST OF NAMES??

    (Wait -- you mean there's NO "Deck Of Playing Cards" with "The ISIS Bad Guys" on it?? How will we EVER spot them?? Wasn't THAT crucial to How We Won The IRAQ War? Um ... Ok, skip the Playing Cards .... though -- now "I AM" -- wondering how much was spent on those -- & who got rich supplying them. Unless they just made up a few ... for photo ops.)

    "Seriously" though -- shouldn't this LIST OF ISIS/ISIL LEADERS be released? What if one is ... living next door?? (Lol)

    How is this not OBVIOUS to people? Are they really convinced that "Leading ISIS" is such a fluid position?

    I'm SO glad you keep reminding people of how NO ONE EVER heard of ISIS -- not until AFTER the lackluster response they got ... with the "War Drums Against Syria Campaign" ... in summer of 2013!! ;D :D

  2. I think therefore I am---555J, 194

    Cogito Ergo Sum---681J, 167

  3. Thanks for the Latin reference ... SUM = I AM

    In Jewish, SUM = 320 ... The same as QUEEN.

    The Pulse event was on "LATIN" Night. We KNOW they're into Roman Holidays ... it only makes sense that LATIN WORDS & ROMAN NUMBERS would be important too!

    And -- every U.S. military unit has it's own LATIN slogan -- it's how they quickly identify each other. For example: stating "Sua Sponte" identifies a Ranger ... & this practice follows through into later civilian life as well.

    I think LATIN -- (more Knowledge That's Been Kept From The Masses) -- is playing into the bigger picture as well. Thanks again for the prompt to the ol 'noggin! Lol ;D :D

    1. I navigate others thru the stream, though I have no idea where we're going. Love helping you out, my man.

    2. I agree. That's a great idea to look at military slogans.

      We have a Roman style government, a Teutonic language with heavy Latin and Greek influence, and Arabic system of numbers. No wonder there is so much chaos!
      All these clashing systems. It's good to see so many people have started thinking outside the box. Everyday I'm blown away by the connections people r making here, so thank u everyone.

    3. It IS wonderful isn't it? We've got our OWN think tank! Seeing what ya'll come up with is definitely like tapping into a Thought Stream ... & it's so invigorating seeing where it leads. Beats the hell out of TV doesn't it?! Lol

      This feedback has lead me to learning so many things that I never would have even thought about before -- I've been educating myself about Kabbala, Latin, History ... so many things the "education system" completely ignores.

      I've decided that Gematria is the REAL (unaltered) meaning behind "The Truth And The Way" ... because understanding that it DOES EXIST -- & seeing how it's ACTUALLY USED -- opens SO many unexpected doors.

      We truly ARE in a "Jedi Academy"!! Lucky us!! Lol ;D :D