Friday, July 1, 2016

146 | Continued '146' coding on Chicago Cubs, this time for Jake Arrieta's ESPN body issue story

I expect to beat everybody = 104/266


  1. Zach random question,

    I want to introduce someone to all this, from start, (w/ heaving siding on the sports).

    Which video do you think would be best to start him with?

    1. I'd suggest going back to one of the Oldies But Goodies like THE TITANIC ... or DIAMONDS (there's a baseball theme -- if you think about it!). They aren't sports, but they're topics EVERYONE knows something about. Once they grasp the possibilities, then it shouldn't take much "convincing" for them to see that sports "Speaks This Language Too". Good luck! ;D :D

    2. What about the one where that guy Henderson, the baseball plyer dies and all the 57 coding? I've often thought that I would introduce someone to this with that one. Its short, to the point and loaded with evidence.

  2. Is it just me ... Or ... Heh heh ... Naw, there's no gay injoke in that title. ESPN would NEVER do that ... they keep their homoerotic messaging Tasteful & Artsy! ;D :D

  3. 106 second video.. So I guess these bastards are going to be in the final

    1. David, they were coding this number all over the Cubs last season too, so keep that in mind. It is an ongoing pattern.

  4. Play Ball---81

    Play Balls---100, 600

    Play with Balls---160, 960

    Plays with Balls---179, 1074

    Gay Ball---60, 360

    Gay Balls---79, 474

    Gay with Balls---139

    Gays with Balls---158

    The Big Dance---78, 184J

    The Big Gay Dance---111, 666

    Ball---27(Dance), 43J(Game)

    Parade---45, 270, 151

    Gay Parade---58

    Victory Parade---157

    Nine inning game---135, 810, 282(J)

    Dressed to the Nines---230

    Ass Slap---87

    Pitcher---79, 474


    Batter- --66, 396

    All Male Threesome---164, 470J

    Ball Game--53

    I love a man in uniform---211

    1. Damn that's HILARIOUS!! ;D :D

    2. Just now noticed that caption under the pic saying he's "Explosive On The Mound"! And that name ARRIETA ... anagrams as A REAR "IT"! lol ;D :D

    3. I haven't even gotten into the types of pitches yet!! ;O

    4. He is a National League pitcher, so he goes both ways. It is funny that the ball cums from the mound as opposed to straight sex where we bring the ball(s).

    5. Seems he'll be on the mound, but not in it, and he still wants to get his fastball in the mitt. Does the batter represent how a man should be? Swing your bat? Round the bases? Score? And the defense is what? Homosexuality? Anti-Female? Don't go home, get back in the field, play, play, play with the boys.

      Boys of Summer---171, 1026, 1033J

      And how bout Game of Thrones? The real defenders of the Realm are thr Men of the Nights Watch, no ladies aloud, and the one getting laid is the chubby, pacifist, unmanly Samwell. Maybe that's George RR's little personal quib at all the men in black with their constant swordplay.

    6. And not to sound gay or nuttin, but I just fucked the shit outta some baseball. I need a warm towel and a sandwich.

    7. Her hee -- you're a nut!! Lol Yeh this reeks of SPARTAN Programming. No doubt about it.

      SPARTAN == 372 (J) ... 89 (P) ... Exact match: ROBOT

      SPARTANS == 462 (J) ... 108 (P)

      I don't think I want to know about "Jimmy The Greek"! Lol ;D :D


    Has anyone looked into the 13 year old Jewish American girl who was stabbed to death in her West Bank hotel?? It is getting a lot of play, both of the Pro-Semtic nature and the Non-Responsive Obama Anti-Muslim sort.

  6. Replies
    1. No group is or isn't, but plenty of them are. And you know, I am not gay if you're sucking my dick. There are plenty of reasons I quit sports. Cock grabbing locker rooms is "just the tip".

  7. I'm going to refrain from telling the Hideo Nomo joke I came up with.

    1. It's SO obvious & there's SO many bad joke possibilities -- you gotta think that was their intent all along. Meanwhile they sucker straight guys into having this mag sitting on the back of their toilet. Talk about covert conditioning!! I've been biting my tongue on this one ever since I saw it ... Lol ;D :D