Friday, July 1, 2016

153 | Mike Conley signs record $153-million dollar contract, July 1, 2016


  1. Dude that's insane, over $30 million/year tk shoot a ball in a hoop and play a little Defend haha anf people don't think these players are a part of the agenda, At least to go along and promote it ..look out for death linked tk a friend, family member, of someone connected to the Grizzlies for Conleys paycheck , just crazy to comprehend

    1. Just about the numbers side, these 'players' don't even sniff half what their contracts state.

    2. Mike Conley wasn't apart of the agenda but now that he's making 30 million a year he's gonna have to sacrifice something because he's not close to being a superstar he never made a all star team

  2. Even if the players DO have most of their pay scammed from them, SOMEWHERE that money will be on the books -- even if it's just to record a "Loss" instead of a Profit for the season. But even that money has to come from SOMEWHERE ...

    ... & it looks as though LOTS of "former players" are being taken out for the VALUE OF THEIR LIFE INSURANCE -- placed when they were Under Contract & (initially) meant to "Protect The Investors". Those policies STAY IN FORCE as long as the premiums are paid ... & when the OWNERS & INVESTORS are the BENEFICIARIES, you know they'll NEVER miss a payment!

    The players are already Bought & Traded like COMMODITIES ... so from the Owner/Investor's viewpoint, why SHOULD it bother them to simply "Recoup On Their Investment"? The way THEY see it, THEY MADE AN INVESTMENT IN THAT BODY & with a Life Insurance Policy "just sitting there", WHY should they have to wait YEARS to collect? (The Owners are mostly OLD GUYS -- they don't HAVE TIME to wait for "naturally-occurring" payouts!)

    Life Insurance Policies are now bundled together & TRADED in the "Dark Pools" of the Stock Market (no accountability necessary) -- just like the Credit Default Swaps that crashed the Housing Market ... meaning "LIFE" really HAS been given a COMMODITY STATUS.

    Walmart (& other Corps) take out Life Insurance on EVERY employee (NOT optional) & even if you quit after 2 weeks, they'll STILL KEEP THAT POLICY ON YOU UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE ... & THAT'S the REAL reason they insist on tons of part-time workers. THEY call it "Dead Peasant Insurance" -- & it makes up a HUGE percentage of their "ASSETS" (that's no lie).

    So if Walmart can insure an "associate" for $100,000 ... how much do you think a Professional Ballplayer might be "worth"? Never assume there's ONLY ONE POLICY ... No No No! EVERYONE who has an "INVESTMENT" in The TEAM will have policies on EVERY PLAYER ... with themselves listed as Beneficiary. NOW do the math. If a $10,000 a year "associate" is "VALUED" at $100,000 ... how much could an athlete -- in his prime -- be "WORTH"? MILLIONS? HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS??

    An athlete who Had ONCE Been CONTRACTED for a million $$ a year paycheck could easily have 100+ policies on him (especially if he changed teams a few times) -- with each policy potentially worth $100 Million. Some INVESTOR comes along & Buys Up ALL the policies on that athlete (or wins them in a card game ... or gets them within a "Larger Bundle" -- like Trading Cards).
    IF that athlete happens to "accidentally die" ... then this "LUCKY INVESTOR" could be raking in a Billion $$. Even the "smallest figure guys" are STILL "Worth" a fortune though -- multiple policies add up FAST.

    Given this mindset, we can ALSO see why SOMEONE MUST ALWAYS DIE -- Right Around "CONTRACT TIME" ... each player's salary has gotta come from SOMEWHERE ... & it sure ain't gonna be the Owners' Pockets!!
    (Now we can also see why a "HIT" is a "CONTRACT KILLING"!!)

    The SAME applies to ENTERTAINERS ... though they've probably got a LOT MORE Policies out on THEM ... simply because EVERY CONTRACT ADDS A NEW POLICY.
    I've been waiting for the right time to bring this up ... can you tell?? Lol! ;D :D

    1. Trickle Down Economics---230, 1380, 1051J

      Policy---80, 480

      Policymakers---147, 758J(Above)

      Thats just the way it is---277, 2911J

      My way or the Highway---234, 1404, 3307J


      "But thank God for a Christ, who has Mercy on the Roadkill"

    2. Haha -- so true! Every Fall, that Mercy shows up scattered all over the highways around here -- when the rut, deer season, & interstates collide. Kind of a grisly Holy Trinity! Lol ;D :D

    3. Ashes to ashes, from paste to paste

    4. Ashes + rendered fat = soap ... "Have kids sing the Happy Birthday Song while washing their hands ... That way they'll be guaranteed germ-free!" -- Dept of Health & Human RESOURCES ... ;D :D


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    William Shakesspeare ... & ... George Washington ;D :D

  5. Michael Conley jr .153 is he really the M- Catch But this is the year of the six 11/10 b-day happy early birthday mike story came 14weeks and 4days before your birthday