Monday, July 11, 2016

48 57 | July 5, 2016, Dallas Police Association says low pay, morale trigged 48 city police resignations

This story came the date of the supposed Alton Sterling killing, a killing that was part of the contrived race war narrative that lead to the Dallas police shooting, just two days after this news.

7/5/2016 = 7+5+20+16 = 48 (Propaganda) (Hoax)

5/7...  Scottish Rite = 57; City = 57

Notice the article says 48 city police defected/resigned.


  1. Now they r trotting out Rodney King's wife to remind everyone about that BS story from 25 years ago. Of course, so predictable

  2. "Forty Eight" = 133 = "This is a Hoax"
    "Forty Eight Defections" = 107 & 233

    "Nearly Fifty Officers" = 105 & 222
    "Zionism" = 105 = "Nine Eleven"

    1. Yo Lebowski....don't you see this story tying into that JFK Reader Contrib from yesterday? I do.

      48 resignations. 48yr JFK anny, Obama =84. 48=133 like Gov't & WH.

      And for anybody that doesn't know...Obama is NOT welcome in Texas.

    2. UGH - thats twice I Mis-counted. My sincere apologies. The 48yr Anniversary is that of MLK Jr. The point remains the same about an assassination coming for Obama -except now the Dallas connection is gone.

      Tuesday will be 133 days before the 53rd anniversary of JFK being assassinated.

    3. Have you seen Minions Maestro? They go from NYC to Orlando in 1968.
      Minions = 39/48
      New York = 39/48
      And we know what else sums to 48.

  3. Draymond Green arrested in East Lansing. Assault charges.

  4. Draymond Green arrested in East Lansing. Assault charges.

  5. Rodney King fake beating on Florence Ave and Normandie
    Michael Brown fake shooting in Ferguson on west Florissant Ave.
    And of course Florida, there's a repeating pattern going on here

    1. Seems like, by name, "Florida" is set up to be a battleground or motion picture 'set' of sorts...
      37(B) like hospital 37/46(EO,P)
      57(Eng Gem) like Scottish Rite, thirty-seven(P), wonder drug, World Series, negro, slave, blues, Zaire, zeitgeist (EO)
      35(J) like Catholic(EO)
      65(EO) like Kansas and United Kingdom, 38(EO) like Africa, death(EO), energy, Graceland, Jew, Lucifer(P), martial law(P), Minnesota, Oregon (also 33rd state), prince

      Lots of overlap. When I think about Disneyland with nearby Universal (Hollywood) Studios/and then DisneyWorld being set up with Disney "Hollywood Studios," it seems to bear this out.

    2. I always said the Devil lived in Orlando. It is a hellhole.

    3. OMG, yes +LOA... I hate it there!

  6. Apparently Bush is going to speak with Obama in Dallas tomorrow.

  7. Saw a weird story about 57 dead sharks washing up in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

  8. Hey Zach, a good guy by the name of Greg Anthony is giving you a plug and playing the audio of a video of yours. Word is spreading fast.