Saturday, July 23, 2016

49 51 52 79 93 | The death of Dennis Green and the Minnesota Vikings Schedule (Colts-Vikings, 49-days before Super Bowl)

Dennis Green's July 22, 2016 death, the former head coach of the Vikings, came exactly 51-days before the start of the NFL Season for the team, September 11, at the Tennessee Titans.

Of course this season will end with Super Bowl 51, hosted by the Houston Texans.  The Tennessee Titans were formerly the Houston Oilers...

From Green's death to the September 11 game is also a span of 52-days.

Tennessee = 52
Prophecy = 52
Minnesota to host Super Bowl 52 (2018)

The Super Bowl will be played on February 2, 2017, or 5/2.

My NFC Championship prediction will be seen in the October 3, 2016 matchup between the Giants and Vikings.  Perhaps a major clue will be left in that game.  It comes 73-days after Dennis Green's July 22nd death (local time), and 74-days after his July 21 death (also reported).

New York Giants = 64/73

The Vikings host the Texans on October 9, coming 79-days after the death of Dennis Green.

Champion = 79
Murder = 79

On November 20, 121-days after Green's death (Green = 49) (Revelation = 49/121), the Vikings and Cardinals will play each other; the two teams Green is mostly remembered for coaching.

Notice further the Vikings host the Colts December 18, 2016.  This is a date in numerology terms that can be written 18/12 and broken down to '9'/'3'/

Minnesota Vikings = 93
Indianapolis Colts = 93

The game between the Vikings and Colts will be played 49-days before Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas.  '49' is the number of 'prophecy', and a number connected to Prince' Minnesota death, a death that came in a span of 93-days before Denny Green.  Prince also died on the 93rd Meridian West.

Green = 49
Dennis Green, born in '49
Dennis Green, former coach of 49ers
The 49ers hosted Super Bowl 50 last year