Tuesday, July 5, 2016

57 75 102 113 126 199 | No charges for Hillary July 5, 2016 in light of her birthday, voting day & inauguration day (The fuck you code)

10/26/1947 = 10+26+19+47 = 102 (Hillary began her campaign April 12, 2015, 102nd day of year)

United States of America = 102
Slavery = 102
Fuck You = 102
The Civl War began on the 102nd day of the year (Lincoln died on date with 102 numerology)
al-Qaeda = 102 (9/11 attack lasted 102 minutes)
FBI = 102 (English Gematria)

From today, "Hillary's big break", to her birthday, October 26, is 113-days.

From today until Hillary's birthday is 113-days, how about it?  Let us examine how July 5, or 5/7 and '113' come together.

Remember this nugget I shared May 7, or 5/7, 2015?

The First Gate, ...Gate.

5/17/1946 = 5+1+7+1+9+4+6 = 33 

May 17, the 137th day of the year, the date Bill Clinton's biological father dead coming back from Chicago

How do you get to be in the 'authority'?

From today until election day is 126-days, a number that is front and center at the moment, mostly connected to tragedy.  In the word 'blood', we have the number '126'.

Think about how blood can tie to tragedy as well as maintaing bloodlines in power of empires.  In this union, we have the Clinton political dynasty.

Again, again 199 is the 46th prime.  Old Donald is born in '46, and Hillary is from Chicago.

The New World Order, aka the Jewish World Order, operates heavily out of Chicago, where Rahm Israel Emanuel is Mayor.  The New World Order also has a connection to today's date. July 5, written 7/5 in the United States.  And make no mistake about it, Donald and Hillary work the same gang.