Wednesday, July 6, 2016

67 213 | Chelsea Manning (aka Bradley Manning) hospitalized after trying to commit suicide, July 6, 2016 news propaganda

Uh oh, the nation's first big transgender story, even before Bruce, is back.  Remember, this was the person who leaked documents and then was put in solitary confinement and then after that, wanted to become a woman.  The entire story has been a psy-op from the beginning.

Notice the '213' gematria, connecting to 'Nimrod', and '105', connecting to 'Zionism' and 'Masonry'.

"Chelsea" was born Bradley Edward Manning.

Today, July 6, is most commonly written 6/7.  Female = 67 (Jewish Gematria)

Freemasonry = 58/67/139

You have to love that the army helped facilitate the sex change.  Surely a detail, meant to provoke.

12/17/1987 = 12+17+19+87 = 135
12/17/1987 = 12+17+(1+9+8+7) = 54
12/17/1987 = 1+2+1+7+1+9+8+7 = 36
12/17/87 = 12+17+87 = 116


  1. The thing about some of these psyops like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden is they backfire; from the point of view of the elite, that is. Edward Snowden and the NSA revelations is what took me from a healthy distrust in government to really waking me up and getting me to look into 9/11 and everything else more closely, eventually leading me to your channel and blog some years later. That's why I don't understand some of these propaganda stories they put out there, sometimes it really hurts there "control everything" mantra in the end, I think.

    1. True, but we're still a heavy minority if you think about it. "Conspiracy theorists" will exist no matter what, so they figure why not control that movement as well, and in order to control that movement, they need shills like Alex Jones to tell a bit of truth to lure you in, but lead you astray by making you think that there are heroes in the mainstream, when in reality, there are none. They need all their bases covered. They like having the truth out there, because they love to mock. Mockery is a big thing to these masons. They love being the all knowing people of this world. That's just my 2 cents on it.

    2. Seems like they have enough of us wake up so they can discredit... "tin foil hat conspirators." Make examples out of some to dissuade the others from waking up.
      "Shhhhh, go back to sleep!" they encourage.

    3. Mir nailed it. They are fully aware that they are waking people up. Sheeple need us nutjobs for mocking.

    4. +LOA, I'm considering a new Designer tin foil hat fashion line.

    5. Has anyone seen my video where I wear a tinfoil hat?

    6. Someone joked then they would make a clothing line from it.

    7. Hey Z, no man, I haven't gotten all through your many videos (yet)! I guess my idea is not so unique. I wonder if there's a market for fashion tin foil millinery none-the-less?

  2. 0+7+0+5+2+0+1+6=21

    Strange quote... "during the early hours of July 5th"
    "during the early hours of July 5th" = 139(J) 34th prime, 3+4=7
    "early hours" = 142(B) like 42 or 133(B,s exception) like 33, 69(Eng Gem) Zionist operatives and Pi code, 52(J and P) like door, prophecy,142/61(EO) like 42, church, God, Hebrew, ritual murder and terrorist,
    "July" = 94(B), 408(Eng Gem) like 48/84, 1220(J) like 122, 68(EO) like assasinated boxing and championship
    "fifth" = 49(B) like the 94 in July, 294/42/33(Eng Gem), 129(J), 49(EO) like Revelation, Rising Sun, Third Eye and 31(EO and P, reduced) like cube
    "July fifth" = 53(B, reduced) like shooting, religion, TRANScended, 72/63(Eng Gem), 44(J), 117/45(EO) government sponsored hoax, Grail, Ohio, east
    In all, to me it looks like messaging for "49" and prophecy and 4+9 = 13 families

    Seems like so many others (us too), this individual is being used as a pawn in a number of different ways.

  3. HA!! As though Leavenworth doesn't have it's OWN hospital facilities ... or that the military would EVER take such a (supposedly) "High Value Prisoner" to some UNNAMED "Local Hospital"! What a load of horse shit (my apologies to all horses ...)! This character never existed ... Initials: C E M ... E = MC squared. Bullshit layered upon bullshit (my apologies to the bulls as well ...)!! ;D :D

    1. Seriously though...
      "Chase Strangio"
      191(B) 43 prime, 146(B, s exception) Illuminati,
      96(Eng Gem) like Freemason and the glorious 69 inversion, reduce to 45 like Mars, Batman and gun,
      70(J) sum of divisors is 144 like 44,
      139(EO) 34th prime and 121(EO, s exception)
      58(P) like Freemasonry, Nation of Islam, Pythagoras, Sandy Hook, fifty-eight and Washington


  4. From the article:

    "During the early hours of July Fifth" = 48 & 120
    "illuminati" = 48 & 120

    "July Fifth" = 45 & 117 if you add the year (216)
    (117 + 216) = 333 [197 is the 45th Prime]

    "One One Seven" = 133 = "Government"
    "Forty Five" = 54 = "Fifty Four" [Reflections]
    4 + 5 = 9 or the reflection of the first "Perfect" Number

    "Forty Five" = 126 = "Fifty Four"
    "One Two Six" = 144

    "Four plus Five equal Nine" = 106 kind of like 16.

  5. 2-0 Portugal. is that too much hype so the common the bettor favors Portugal to win?

  6. "WikiLeaks" = 37 = "Transsexual"

    "ACLU" = 10 & 37 [37 the 12th Prime, 29 the 10th Prime]
    "One Zero" = 44
    "Thirty Seven" = 57 & 165
    "United Nations" = 57 & 165

    10 + 37 = 47
    29 + 37 = 66
    "Forty Seven" = 149 = "Sixty Six"

    "LGBT" = 14 & 41 [Reflections]

    Manning's Attorney:
    "Attorney" = 37 & 118
    "Chase Strangio" = 58 & 139 = exact match to "Freemasonry"

  7. Dimensions = the projection of dark matter that Our optics are not designed to see. Spirit= connectivity to the matrix. Mind= key that unlocks reality and that's why the elite play these GOD games.