Tuesday, September 13, 2016

119 | September 13, 2016 reporting, 'A raise for Americans, finally'


What?  Where?


  1. They must mean a big middle finger raise from the Jew bankers.

  2. Pay Raise & Green Tax both Equal 94 & 40 . Bullshit = 40

  3. Big Raise = 223 (EG), 70 (EO)
    Middle Finger = 70 (ER)

  4. The numbers they release are total bullshit.

  5. I'm taking this Meatball downtown:

    "Middle Class Get a Big Raise" = 223 <====

    "The Middle Class Get a Big Raise, Finally" = 335
    "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" = 335

    "A Raise for Americans, Finally" = 137 [33rd Prime] <====

    Also note that 10 days after today, a date with 58 Numerology, is 09 / 23 / 16.

    "Ten Days Later" = 144
    "American Tragedy" = 144

  6. "Raise" your hand if anyone still believes there IS a "Middle Class"! They can claim any figures they want -- especially when that demographic no longer exists.

    Middle Class = M C = 13 & 3 ... 133 or 16

    M C in Roman Numerals is 1,000 + 100 = 1100

    In Jewish, 1100 can be represented as: Z Z T ... 500+500+100 ... Z Z Top (?!)

    It can also be: Z Z O O ... 500+500+50+50 ... Z-ZOO sounds about right, since we are regarded as the Animals In The Zionist's Zoo ... confined in our cage-like existence ... constantly "observed" & subjected to experimentation by our captors.

    Which is exactly what this bullshit piece of propaganda is for -- it's merely another "test" to quantify the gullibility of the masses.
    It's also planting more False History ... this way those in the future (who can still read) will be able to look back & see how "good" the "civilized class" had it ... & what a "great" job Ms. Yellen was doing.

    BTW: took your advice Zach after hearing you suggest watching "PI" on your new show (GREAT show!!).
    Found "PI" free on YT, plus lots of clips from the best scenes. At the diner, when the Jewish scholar is explaining Gematria, he said the Hebrew word for "Child" ... & it sounded like he said "Yellen". Turns out it's translated as "Yeled" ... but he definitely pronounced it like the Fed leader's last name. Another "coincidence" for the Memory Hole, eh? ;D :D

  7. If it weren't for my wife, I'd never get a raise.


    Thank you, tip your waitress!