Tuesday, September 13, 2016

28 33 | The 49ers 28-0 win over the Rams, September 12, 2016

28-0 on MNF?

MNF = 13+14+6 = 33

There was a lot of '33' on the game, if you missed the preview, that's here:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/09/beginning-decode-rams-at-49ers.html

Recall what is special about 28 and 33.

911, the 156th prime.  No other numbers besides '28' and '33' sum to 156.  The World Trade Centers existed from 1968-2001, for 33-years, and were open for 28-years, from 1973-2001.

The '28' also might have been a tribute to top selling jersey player Colin Kaepernick, who is 28-years old.


It was #28 Carlos Hyde who scored the final touchdown, the score that took the 49ers to 28-points.  Talk about by the numbers.

Notice that Carols Hyde played his college ball in Ohio, the birth place of football.


  1. ESPN spotlighted a fan wearing a #28 Rams jersey looking all sad because his team was losing. The 49ers running back wearing #28 then proceeded to score the 4th 49ers TD which brought the game to 28-0. ESPN completely mocking the dumb football sheep.

  2. is there any correlation between the 'STEELERS" WINNING and 49ERS "GOLD" WINNING - alchemy / metals

    1. I think so. Steelers = 49 (I mentioned this in the preview post)

    2. Interesting, the metals winning on Monday followed by the metallorigical waste in the river.

  3. Rams score 0 points. "Zero Points" = 58. That would've been some shit if Colin Kap got the Kneel down to end the game.