Monday, September 19, 2016

27 46 47 64 83 | MNF, September 19, 2016, Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears, by the numbers (Game discussion thread too)

Notice this will be the 64th MNF game for the Chicago Bears, who are 26-37 on Monday Night.

Chicago hosted the NFL Draft in '64, as well as last year, and this year.

The Mayor of Chicago is also Rahm ISRAEL Emanuel, born November 29, 1959.

11/29/59 = 11+29+59 = 99 (Illinois = 99) (Thirteen = 99)

And of course, the Bears play in 'Soldier Field'.

As for the Eagles, this will be their 47th game all-time.

Recall, the first Super Bowl was in the 47th year of the NFL.  Super Bowl 47 had the '33' minute blackout.  This year is Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

Last week, the Eagles defeated the team from 'Ohio'.

Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47

It is also interesting that the Eagles enter with '46' games under their belt.

Soldier = 1/10+6+3+4+9+5+9 = 37/46

9/19/2016 = 9+19+(2+0+1+6) = 37 (199, the 46th prime... September 19, or 19/9)

Also, notice the Eagles have 27-wins coming into this Monday Night.

The bears are going for their 27th win.

You know why they start MNF at 8:30 EST.

Election = 83; Leap Year = 83; The Donald = 83 (Eagles 83-years old)


  1. For the Entire Week 2 Schedule so far there has been 9 Home Wins and 6 Home losses

    This game being the last for week 2, if Bears win it's 10 Hws and 6 Home losses for Week 2 in the NFL (106 prophecy) and if the Bears lose it will be 9HWs and 7HLs.. (97 like season 97)

    1. Zach thanks for all the info and the work that goes into this. I watched your video of wk 2 breakdown and specifically the Arizona vs TB with a 40-7 final and when I saw that I thought of #40 Tillman thinking it may have been a tribute

    2. Half time score of 9-7 LOL ....

      Bears are rolling with Prophecy against Wentz and Phili for sure. 10 home wins and 6 Home losses for week 2 in the NFL... prophecy

  2. Carson Wentz is gonna learn how to throw his first nfl game tonight. Good luck carson!! Also bro make sure you throw the ball to where the safety can get it. Now go out there and make us proud you asshole.

  3. That sure was gnarly missed field goal kick

  4. Replies
    1. More so numerology then Gematria I would think. Unless you are saying "yard punt" = 33

      Which I looked it up and Yard Punt = 38, 119, 1415

      A 33 "yard punt(which equals the reflection of 83)" is interesting.

      83 = Football, and also when this game started 8:30pm, and Eagles being 83 years old

  5. Then guys must really hate Cutler. Poor bastard sucked his whole career.


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    1. fucking spam being posted on your page now?! Zach you must being really pissing them off lol. Did you get the article I sent you? It is an article from last year when the colts went 0-2. Chuck Pagano uses "Zionsville High School" as a reference to how bad they were..
      Also I saw you mentioned Colts playing Houston in week 6. 112 days before the Super Bowl. I bet Houston is 5-0 and colts give them their first loss to go 5-1.
      also dec 11 is their second meeting. 57 days from the super bowl.. very interesting.

  7. Hey man,wanted to point out something from the jets bills game. About halfway thru the 4th quarter they showed how many first downs each team had.. Jets had 28 and bills had 11.. 39. As there was a big 39 connection for that game. Also, theres 2 directv commercials with Peyton manning wearing an orange shirt underneath a robe. In one commercial he calls eli and talks to him, and in the other commercial he sits down on a park bench next to an old BLACK guy wearing a blue and white shirt. Coincidence? I think not.

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