Tuesday, September 6, 2016

33 96 | Hillary Clinton coughs and a nation listens, September 6, 2016 news

Notice the post time, 6:33.  Clinton = 33; Federal = 33; Cleveland = 33

This headline is in regards to the viral video of Hillary Clinton coughing in Cleveland.


It is no coincidence these headlines are coming on September 6, or 9/6.  Freemason = 96



  1. 6:33 is a very interesting post time, but not just because of 33. Back when we were looking into August 22, I calculated the time span from the Kennedy Assassination to 8/22, and learned it was a span of exactly 633 months. Anytime between then and 9/21/16 will be in there period of separation of 633 months from JFK to now. I'll be shocked if both candidates "make it" and/or Obama makes it to next year or election day.

  2. 6:33 is also interesting because when u look at a clock that has hands, both are pointing down, one on the 6 the other between the 6 and 7.

    67 seems to be associated with water