Friday, September 9, 2016

39 45 52 77 84 224 | Patriots @ Cardinals, SNF, September 11, 2016 (39-days after Tom Brady's 39th birthday) (52-days before Jimmy G's)

*The first primetime game of the season was a repeat of last year's Super Bowl.  The second primetime game is a matchup between the two teams who were defeated in the Conference Championships, the Patriots and the Cardinals.  This is not a coincidence.

This will be the 14th time the Patriots and Cardinals have faced each other.  The Cardinals lead the series 7-6 currently.  If the Patriots win on the road, they'll even the series at 7-7, something like '77'.  Their game is scheduled for 'September Eleventh'.

Tom Brady's replacement, Jimmy Garoppolo, also has the 77 gematria.

Boston Patriots = 77 (Original team name)

While the -7 line might be with the Cardinals, the '7s' are really with the Patriots and Jimmy G.

Recall, the Patriots and Tom Brady were the biggest beneficiaries of September 11, 2001 (Patriot Act and Patriots), in the very rigged NFL.  You might also recall that Tom Brady got his first start January 19, 2002, 131-days after September 11.  Now the question is, how will September 11 benefit Jimmy G?

The game will come 52-days before Jimmy Garoppolo's birthday.

11/2 is a lot like '112'; Houston = 112 (Super Bowl in Houston on 5/2, February 5)

Jimmy = 25; Jimmy will turn 25, 52-days after the game

Garoppolo once got his first NFL debut on a date with '52' numerology as well, notching a perfect passer rating on 6/7 with 1 TD; read about that here:

The over/under on this game at 45.5 is interesting because both New England and Cardinals have gematria of '45'.

Cardinals = 3+1+9+4+9+5+1+3+1/10 = 36/45

In the time of the 'Arizona Cardinals', the Patriots are 4-1; if they win, they'll be 5-1 (Super Bowl 51 season)

For one more thing going in the Patriot's favor, this games comes 39-days after Tom Brady's 39th birthday.  Of course Arizona is one of two states with a gematria of '39'.  New York is the other.  Tom Brady once lost in Super Bowl 42 to the New York Giants in Arizona, at this same stadium.  That was the year of "Helmet Catch".  Brady is suspended so he won't be playing, but he'll be their in spirit.

It's no wonder Arizona is the first 'SNF' game of the season.

As for Brady's replacement, Jimmy G, he wears #10.  That's the right number for 'SNF'.

In addition to Tom Brady being out, so is NE star Rob Gronkowski, who played his college football at Arizona.

One wonders if him sitting out could be a tribute to the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston.  Perhaps it is to say that New England won't be there this year.

If the Patriots fall in Arizona, it will be a tribute to 'Deflate Gate'.  Should the Patriots lose, the Cardinals will be 8-6 against the Patriots all-time.

I like that Jimmy G comes into the game with 188 career passing yards.  Bavarian Illuminati = 188

Let us close by taking a look at the respective coaches, we'll begin with the Pats coach, Billy B.

Notice that Bill Belichick was born on April 16, the 106th day of the year, and in the year '52, and in 'Tennessee'.  This is what we call a man of Zionist-Jew prophecy.

Tennessee = 34/52; Nashville = 39

As I documented last year, Bill is sitting at a special number of wins, '223', and also a special number of losses, '113'.  Notice that with New England, he has won 187-games and lost 69.  If he wins his next game, it will be #188 while head coach of the Pats, like what Jimmy G's current passing yards are, that special number connecting back to the real Founders.  Also, if he wins in Arizona, it will be his 224th win all-time, and Arizona is the MOST FITTING state he could possibly win in, here is why.

Notice the '84' gematria for Arizona.  The only other state that sums to '84' is Arkansas, who does not have an NFL football team.  Anyhow, if you add the divisors of '84', they sum to '224', like the win number Belichick is going for all-time.

The name Bill Belichick also sums to '97', and this is the 97th season of the NFL.  You might have noticed during Thursday Night Football they kept going to the banner from 1997 for the Broncos, that wasn't arbitrary.

Let us now close with the head coach of the Cardinals, the man I like to call Bruce "White Power".

First, it is interesting that Arians comes in with 48-regular season games under his belt.

Of course '48' is the reflection of '84'.  Arians also has '84' birth numerology.

10/3/1952 = 10+3+19+52 = 84 (Arizona)

Thus, SNF's game will be his 49th regular season game as a head-coach.  It reminds that the PATRIOTS WON SUPER BOWL 49 in the Cardinals Stadium, February 1, 2015.

The game also comes 22-days before his 64th birthday.

Moving on.

Notice that before he became the head coach of the Cardinals, he served as the interim coach of the Colts for 2012.  With regards to his opponent the Patriots, they have only lost in two Super Bowls in the time of Brady and Belichik, both to the Giants, and in the two stadiums of the teams he has coached for, the Cardinals and the Colts.

In this game, Arians will be trying to earn his 35th regular season win, a number corresponding with his last name.

Arians = 1+9+9+1+5+1/10 = 26/35

If he doesn't get it against the Patriots, and I have a feeling he won't, he will surely get it in Week 2, because the Cardinals have a very easy schedule coming up.

The date numerology for the game is as follows.

9/11/2016 = 9+11+20+16 = 56 (11) (Pats = 56)
9/11/2016 = 9+11+(2+0+1+6)  = 29 (11)
9/11/2016 = 9+1+1+2+0+1+6 = 20 (2)
9/11/16 = 9+11+16 = 36 (9)

Fitting there's some 9 and 11 numerology on September 11.  I think that bodes well for the Pats too.  The product of 9x11 is 99.

UPDATE:  Two more played are out for the Patriots in addition to Brady and Gronkowski.

One is Nate Solder, #77.  No doubt his injury is for RITUAL PURPOSES.

And for an even bigger LMFAO.  Jonathan Cooper, born January 19, the same day Tom Brady got his first NFL Start once upon a time, January 19, 2002, is out.  The NFL is such a joke.


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    1. Check the update, I noticed that right after I posted. Things synch well with Jimmy G too.

  2. Won me 20$ Last night Zach lol. And I bet against the same dude that bet warriors while I took cavs when they were down 3-1. He asked me how I knew the winner both times, when he thought both were long shots, and I showed him your vids. Let's just say he'll be winning some bets from now on. But seriously keep up the great work

  3. Zach they just announced Rob gronkowski is out for week 1. Any correlation to the outcome?

  4. Would fit perfect with the Iphone7 up and the Galaxy7 down.

  5. I'm not so sure about the pats, there is good alignment for cardinals.

    Arians could get his 36th overall win, on a date with 36 numerology.
    Cardinals = 36
    Glendale = 360, University of Phoenix Stadium = 136
    There are 111 days remaining in the year. Bruce Arians = 111
    Arians could get his 35th regular season win against Bill = 35 Belichick = 53
    Tom Brady = 35, birth numerology of 35

    Isn't 39 a bad number for Brady since he lost those super bowls to the 39 team?

    1. No Brady, no gronk, on the road...

    2. Yea, that 8-6 is making more and more sense with the two out. Then again, what an opportunity for Jimmy G to make a name for himself.

    3. Tough call, I might have to stay away from betting on this game since it could go either way. I also know the Cards have a stout secondary so it won't be easy for Jimmy

    4. Great narratives for both, might want to see how Wentz starts his first game in the NFL. Maybe there's a narrative for all first gamers this week.

    5. Also it's a prime time game. Before I started learning from Zachary, all prime time games had crazy shit happen.

    6. And they have the whole 9/11 Patriot on their side?

  6. If Broncos can beat Panthers.. I think it's possible Patriots can beat Arizona. After all, it is rigged...talent and or non talent doesn't matter nor whether they are on the road or not. It's rigged. Anything can play out and I like the Patriots numbers with the 7's

    There are alot of 7's this month, the iphone7 and the galaxy 7 as mentioned above in another comment ... a movie called the "magnificent seven" being released. It's a good month for 7's maybe?

    Sept, as in September, is from Sanskrit word Supt meaning 7

    anybody else stacking more clues?

    1. Yes indeed, I'm about to stack some more clues.

  7. some other key points about the game;

    Cardinals favorables;
    if Pats lose they become 0-1, 9/11 happened in 2001
    "Sunday Night Football" = 81 R and "cardinals" = 81 O
    The team's abbreviation "ARI" = 19 R
    NBC = 19 O

    Pats favorables;
    Garoppolo has a 11/2 birthday, we're coming up on the 112th world series and the super bowl in Houston = 112
    Garoppolo is #10 if he wins he'll be 1-0 a lot like 10
    NBC = 19 O and 10 R
    NE = 19 O 10 R
    Garoppolo was born in 1991
    From Garoppolo's birthday, 11/2/1991 to 9/11/2001 is 9 years 10 months 10 days a lot like 911, Garoppolo is another born to be qb in the NFl, would not be surprised if he wins this game

  8. This is what I have so far.

    112 W coordinates, like Gronk being out?

    Pats 6-7 all time, 4-1 as Arizona Cardinals - "Super Bowl" = R41, if Pats win they'll be 5-1 vs the "Arizona Cardinals", 51st Super Bowl?

    As you mentioned if Pats win they'll be 7-7 all time. "seventy-seven" = R49, R67/s exception, like 6-7.

    First game was 47 years ago between these two teams. Game date 9/11/2016 - 9+1+1+20+16 = 47

    comebined score vs "Arizona Cardinals" 146-42 - 104
    Jimmy age 11/2/1991 - 24 years old. 11+2+19+91 = 123.
    1+1+2+19+91 = 114.
    11+2+1+9+9+1 = 33.
    11+2 - 13.
    11+2+91 = 104
    Jimmy 9/11 start to birthday 11/2 - include end date 53D, 1M 23D, 7W 4D. 123? 74?

    1. Good one you to look specifically at the Arizona Cardinals record between the two teams, great work.

  9. Key numbers look like 24, 36, 39, 42 and 45. I think Carson Palmer is 36 years old.

  10. Pats coach birthday to 9/11 = 148 days, 4m 26D20, 21w 1D -am I reaching for 112 reflection?

    Cards coach birthday from 9/11 to 10/2 = 22 days, 3W 1D or span 23 days. Prince death to 9/11 = 143 days or 20 weeks 3 days, am I reaching for 23?

    Carson Palmer - R54 R63 sexcept, O135
    Carson R25 R34, O70 S420
    Palmer R29 R38 , O65, S390
    Carson Hilton Palmer - R87 R96 O213
    Carson game day to birthday 12/27 = 107 D, 3M 16D, 15W 2D
    107 is the 28th Prime number
    12/27/1979 - 36 yars old
    12+27+19+79 = 137
    1+2+2+7+19+79 = 110
    12+27+1+9+7+9 = 65
    12+27 = 39
    1+2+2+7+1+9+7+9 = 38

  11. If you google Carson Palmer the first news clipping is Bill Belichick being quoted saying "an outstanding person" about Carson Palmer

    An outstanding person = 84 and 102

    84 = Sunday, Coincidence, The Twilight Zone

    102 = United States of America, Key Of David

    not sure if this says anything

    1. CBSsports has the top news story when you google Cardinals Patriots and the language is funny in it...

      quote "But the Pats are in trouble here. It's also entirely possible -- if you believe in conspiracy theories -- that the Pats would prefer to hold Gronk out for this game against a difficult opponent rather than risk him suffering additional injury."

      Funny enough I do believe in conspiracy theories... and one great conspiracy right now is Patriots beating the Cardinals

  12. Very tough call this game, maybe the under?

    Zachary what about the Monday night prime time games?

  13. Interesting fact:

    Cardinals are 9-1 in season openers at University of Phoenix Stadium.

    If they win it will be 10-1... 11?

    If they lose it will be 9-2.... 9+2=11? You have the 9 & 11 here

    1. "You remember that season, right? The Cards lost their opener, at home, to a lesser 49ers team."

      -Kinda like the current lesser Patriots

      A couple of weeks later, Peyton Manning and the Colts blew them out of the building. The Cardinals were 1-2, everyone asked “What’s wrong?”

      - Interesting two teams... Peyton Manning and the Broncos the current defending champs and Peyton manning Colts reference the soon to be champs?

      "and then they got to 10-5 before shutting it down in the regular-season finale against the Packers."

  14. Game is on 9/11
    Two biggest Patriots are not playing
    Americas Patriotism is under attack/ in question
    Seahawks are planning a team demonstration.
    The two hateful adds in Florida making fun off 9/11
    The Patriots are "6" point underdog.
    Carson said " Brady must suffer the consequences"
    USC only scored "6" points / Carson Playec at USC

    Cards win 30-21

    Pats keep it close first half.

  15. Off topic. Bruce Miller Fullback for 49ers was arrested and released by team,

    He wears #49
    He beat down a father and son @ fisherman's wharf Marriott

    Son=48. 58+48=106
    Fisherman=93 with the S exception

  16. 7s are for the 7 seals in the bible, each breaking and adding another cycle to the end of days. We did just have a river turn blood red recently, we have droves of killer/disease spreading bugs on the loose, civil disputes are on the rise, and the faith of man is fading into the dark.

    I personally don't have any of that going on in my backyard, but the news does! If you have never read Revelations, you really should check it out. With it being the playbook for how Zion plans to do their work, it is important to identify it popping in the news.

    1. Nate Solder #77 is out for this game.

    2. @Loa

      America is the Beast. Count down until it's fall.
      Our decline is rapidly increasing. Nuclear Accident think so, cataclysm um some, economic downfall defiantly.

      The movies always show the Capitol building being destroyed which is the symbolism of capitalism end.

      The long range North Korean missles are just a scare or maybe we have a Fukushima accident in the U.S

      The dollar going away for the new global electronic currency is what is most likely to occur.

      Have you done anything on END OF TIMES, could be great on the next GermAtria Effect

    3. No doubt, my friend. The electric dollar will be here soon enough. Credits, like in a hundred futuristic films, are a very real outcome. Self-worth will also soon transition from an ideological/personal belief to an actual credit system.

      Increase your Self-Worth...with a Credit Influx!

  17. I saw it was 7 points spread...either way this is setting up as 7/11 ..9/11 blatant in our face...Pats win 7and 7 ..Cards loss becomes 9 and 11 ? I'm a believer in This conspiracy 5777 y's in the making

  18. Today the NASCAR driver of the #2 Miller Lite car is 11,900 days old. That number plus other connections, leads me think he should do well tonight. =)

    1. September Tenth = 170...11900/7 = 1700 for example.

    2. Nice tip, he is indeed coded up like I've never seen. If it's anything like golf however, that is no guarantee of anything. Let's hope NASCAR is a little more straightforward. If he does poorly, I think the couple 303/313's in his date durations are a death knell, since I found no 33 connections in his gematria/numerology.

    3. He finished in 4th place. I guess he did not have the cherry on top numbers to win it. The guy who won it was born on 11/17/80 which adds up to 108. It was the 59th race at Richmond. Fifty Nine = 108? He drove the #11 FedEx Ground car. FEG = 18? Tony Stewart played the role of a villain again. He finished in 33rd place, 44 laps behind the winner. They were scheduled to run 400 laps, but went into "overtime" ending at 407 laps. The rigging is laugh out loud funny at times.

    4. I forgot to add that the "winner" Denny Hamlin = 119.

    5. Yes, and wiki says he was born 11/18, like another 11/9, and a life number 109, like the date was 10/9. Also with the date number 28 yesterday, he has a life number 128, and his birthday was in 2 months 8 days. His first race was 3989 days prior, 39+89 = 128 again. That's the 550th Prime number, yesterday had a date #55, and it's also 570 weeks, or 10 years 11 months 1 day, and Hamlin = 57 simple, and he drives the #11 car. There's more, but I wonder how many other drivers were coded up this much. If it was only the top 5 or so, there is definitely value in nascar.

    6. Thanks for the info and catching that 11/18 date. You have given me a number of new avenues to look into. I do not know if this qualifies as a kiss of death, but the race was 113 days after Tony Stewart's birthday.

  19. If you guys want good clues the posts the Las Vegas Westgate Destinations Super Contest Picks. Alot of Sharps are in this contest and some of their picks are very suspicious. Of course if you want to win the contest you gotta know some people and that of course leads to some questionable picks. Obviously they know the game is rigged. I've been researching and piggy backing off these picks for some time now and have won alot. These sharps know the game is rigged. A direct reflection of the picks they make every week. I also use sportsbook spy to look how the public is loading up on bets and 9 times out of 10 when over 80,000 load up on one team that team is going to lose. I have also noticed the media like NFL network and ESPN especially likes to focus there so called ""Analysis"" on certain teams to get the public to load up on them. They also like to use punch lines before the commercial like "Will Tell You Why This Team Will Win". Ha tell me what how to lose! When i was a rookie bettor and followed the media i lost all the time. Then the cycle continued each week as the NFL network cleaned up the rigging mess by "Analyzing why a certain team lost" yeah heard that one before boys why dont you tell me Cam Newton is a sellout. You guys have to watch the Qbs who are getting the big 100 million dollar contracts. Andrew luck and Tyrod Taylor were just added to that list. I can Bet that its in that contract that these quarter backs will do everything the owners say even getting injured TEDDY. Its funny because you can see the data on in real time how the media manipulates the public to sway one way only to get sacrificed and lose while the sharps do the opposite. Again you can verify from the sharps picks on the We have done the research too! Your Welcome!

    1. I wanted to add to this comment for anybody interested in knowing what to look for as far as match fixing goes. First off remember we live in the matrix. Whether you believe it or not its true. They (and you know who im talking about) know this to be true. Those numbers you see called point spreads are also not real and have absolutely nothing to do with the underdog or favorite. They are there to PLAY on the publics emotions what ever the public thinks that's where the number moves. Sometimes that -3 doesn't move at all because the public load is already favoring what Vegas wants look for that. Second thing to look for is the STAR players or Sellouts. Alot of guys always go "theres no way Tom Brady will throw a game". You my friend are not looking close enough. What you have to look for is what ZACH has been saying all along. The Controlled Opposition. Very important. Its Both quarterbacks (and kickers) especially the BIG NAMES who are controlling the score just to cover the spread. Ever wonder why a game feels SOOO SLOW when your watching after the media hyped it up. Because the public said this game is going to be a blowout. Thats why. Its all about the Public. The Sheep who keep this bullshit going. I remember watching Phillip Rivers throw 500 yards and only score 20 points. Really 5 football fields and you only got 20 points. Passing league for a reason. To cover the spread. Lastly again ive said it before the media is only there to clean up the mess. Stephen A Smith, Rich Eisen and the Like all the same .Expose your ego and make you believe match fixing is not happening. Again all you none believers out there. The Jewish Mafia OWNS sports. Sports were created to hedge bets and hoard money. These STARS sit in there multi million dollar homes laughing. You think they care about you or rigging games. Look closer when you are watching these sports. Waste you time and Waste your life.

    2. Even more nefarious the wrenching low emotional energy generated by a punitive script...think Carlos Castinadathe "Gin" that feeds upon these low vibrations.. As well as the "archons " described in Gnostic hagdam schools..Be an anchor frequency 0-point ..remember about casting Pearl before swine lest they turn and rend thee..

    3. EXACTLY!!! i was going to say something about this but not everyone is ready for that! For anyone asking why??? all the time. Its for Energy!!! Everything is light!! And the elite out there control you with electromagnetic waves and keep you on a low vibration to prevent you from waking up. If you awaken you can't be controlled!

    4. So how do you look for winners exactly on the &

    5. if you google pregame there is a sportsbook spy tab. Go there and read the chart. or if your on the main page there is a bet% tab. Read the grid details on the top right of the grid so you know what your reading. What i look for is the public load or bet%. Now for the spread i sent a link from my original comment. Now if you go there you can see the contest players picks. Compare the data and you can see some weird picks already. Like if you look you see no one picking Indianapolis against Detroit which the public would happily load up on Indy to win that game. Right now the numbers are low but wait till 12:30 tomorrow and the beast will show its face. You can see the actual picks on the spread if you select the correct week at the top. (usually works on sunday) you can see the PDF version of the contest picks list. As the season grows the contest picks get more accurate.

    6. so i take it you like the jags ;) lol

    7. do you bet the other side of the 80% on the over and under as well or just the money lines?

    8. The point spread mostly because that's what the Hilton contest goes by! When you understand the data you can see where to put your money!

    9. Hey man can you shoot me a text? I would love to understand this better

    10. great stuff, Lavel.
      will you be posting your picks here aswell?

  20. Does the 77 code go along with the Pentagon at all?

    1. Yes.
      Pentagon is 77 feet tall
      Pentagon is on the 77th Meridian
      Pentagon was hit by Flight 77, 77-minutes after it took off (8:20 - 9:37)
      Paul Wolfowitz began working at the Pentagon in 1977 (9/11 Planner)

  21. Zach check out Marcellus Bennett he replaced Gronk for the pro bowl on 1/19 2015 also if u look the on the wiki it has [51] next to it will it be the jimmy G and Bennett show

  22. Vibration ...watching one of ZACHARY's videos he mentions the Periodic table in reference to Gold... Symbol AU ..ancient wisdom teachers ..AUM...MA NE PADME HUM .

  23. lots of silliness in college football today. that Navy/UCONN game where UCONN ran the ball at the goal line with no timeouts and in no particular rush to get the next play off. "A head scratcher." as the news anchor in Baltimore put it. Howard university gets blown out the same day a dead body is found near their campus.

    your video about CM Punk was making me think of CMU who ended up upsetting OK State today.

    say Zach, what do you think about a post strictly for football info dump for the community on Saturdays and Sundays, please? that way we can keep it all concise instead of on other posts and somewhat scattered!

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