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45 89 223 322 | The Arab League formation of March 22, 1945

3/22/1945 = 3+22+19+45 = 89 (Religion = 89) (King James = 89) (Cairo = 89)
3/22/1945 = 3+22+(1+9+4+5) = 44 (Prophet) (Faith) (Hope) (Karma)
3/22/1945 = 3+2+2+1+9+4+5 = 26 (God) (Mason)

*Holy Bible = 45
*Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223
*Arab League = 62; Mason = 62

On the infamous date of March 22, in the year 1945, the Arab League was formed in the city of Cairo, Egypt.  Today, the Arab League is made up of 22 nations, with one of those 22 nations currently suspended, Syria.  Do not overlook the number 22, as it is multiple of 11 and considered one of the master numbers. which is of great significance to the powers that be, and the same powers who likely founded this Middle Eastern league of nations on the ritualistic date of March 22.

On March 22, 1945, there were six original participating nations.  They were Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Transjordan (Renamed Jordan in 1949), Lebanon and Syria.  The next nation to join was Yemen.  The complete list of participating nations is as follows (please note the absence of Iran):

1 Egypt83,550,00093241[28]
2 Algeria37,100,0001641[29]
3 Morocco32,064,17376197[30]
4 Iraq31,234,00071184[29]
5 Sudan30,894,0001641[31]
6 Saudi Arabia28,146,6581231[29]
7 Yemen23,580,00045117[29]
8 Syria21,906,000118306[29]
9 Tunisia10,673,80065168[32]
10 Somalia9,133,0001436[29]
11 United Arab Emirates8,264,07099256[33]
12 Libya6,733,6203.89.8[29][34]
13 Jordan6,316,00071184[29]
14 Lebanon4,224,0004041,046[29]
15 Palestine4,136,5406871,779[35]
16 Kuwait3,566,437200518[29]
17 Mauritania3,291,0003.28.3[29]
18 Oman2,845,0009.224[29]
19 Qatar1,699,435154399[29]
20 Bahrain1,234,5961,6464,263[36]
21 Djibouti864,0003796[29]
22 Comoros691,000309800[29]

The Arab League is much like the United Nations, in the sense that it is mostly a symbolic gesture of partnership, that never really seems to materialize in the real world.  This point was made most clearly by Muammar Gaddafi, at the Arab League Summit of 2008, when he articulated how the Arab League was nothing more than sideline spectators witnessing atrocities such as the unprovoked destruction of Iraq and the murdering of Saddam Hussein and his sons.  As Gaddafi put it then: Since when is it legal to hang prisoners of war, as was done to Saddam and other party officials of Iraq who were captured after the 2003 invasion?  *Since the year 2001, all annual Arab League Summits have been held in March, the one month of the year that is named after a planet, and also the God of War.

The Muammar Gaddafi speech can be viewed in the YouTube video below.  If you're not aware, Gaddafi was murdered by NATO forces after Western intervention on October 20, 2011.  In his speech, he warns that anyone in the room could be the next to be brutalized and killed as Saddam was.  Sadly, he was right, and he was one of those to be victims.  As you watch the video, you'll notice the camera pans to the President of Syria often, Bashaar al-Asaad.  It is almost as if the cameraman knew, he would be one of those who was next as well.

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