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Was Paul Walker an Illuminati sacrifice? Michael Hastings June, 18, 2013 revisisted.

First, please watch the following YouTube of Paul Walker's automobile explosion, from a nearby security camera.  If you cannot watch the video, the explosion is large, like a bomb.  It is hard to imagine even a high speed impact, causing such a fireball.  The video of the explosion can be viewed just below.

Courtesy of CNN:  "Jim Torp, a car enthusiast who was at the charity event where Rodas and Walker had been, said he thought he heard some kind of blast before the car slammed into a light pole. " Torp told CNN on Monday."

If you take the time to read the article, and watch the video, something should seem a little fishy pertaining to this wreck.  For example, why has the coroner put a "freeze on the autopsy"?  Did you know that Walker and Rodas have not even been positively identified as of today?  Seems suspicious. Also interesting, Paul Walker's birthday is September 12.  In the year 1999, he also starred in the movie The Skulls, which is a fictional account of what it is like to be on the inside of the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity.  You could say Paul Walker's life began in the 9th month, and ended in the 11th.

Before I knew any of these details, and when I first heard about Paul Walker's tragic accident, my initial thought was Fast and Furious.  In the year 2013, Fast and Furious isn't just the title of a movie however, it is also the operation name of a government gun smuggling scandal.  It is also being used as a chief argument for gun control and disarmament.  At this moment in history, we're sadly living in a world where we have a media and government that has been pushing a false gun grab campaign, as part of a more encompassing civil rights grab.  Is it possible, that to our dark and demented leaders, a Paul Walker sacrifice fits into this insanity?  Is it the perfect distraction, from things that matter even more?  If there is any reason to believe that, it is the death of Michael Hastings, from earlier this year.

Five months before Paul Walker's mysterious car explosion, on June 18, 2013, Michael Hastings, Rolling Stone reporter, who broke incriminating stories on two high ranking Generals, died, when his automobile exploded in a giant inferno, similar to the explosion of Paul Walker's automobile.   Michael Hastings was also later credited with driving too fast being the cause of the accident.  What was never explained, is how the engine of his 2013 Mercedes flew over 200 feet down the street, from the site of the crash. Michael Hastings was 33 years old, and not far from the 33rd parallel when his car exploded in Los Angeles.  The video of his car wreck can be seen here:

After Michael Hastings car exploded, it prompted Richard Clarke, to warn the United States population that their government has the capability to "hack" most cars built in the last decade.  By hack, he explained that through satellites, the government can takeover your acceleration, breaks and steering.  It should have been the story of the year, but instead, it quietly passed with little attention.  Richard Clarke, if you're not familiar, is the former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism for the United States.  He resigned while serving under President George W. Bush, and has since become a whistleblower against Washington.  Unfortunately, he has been often ignored, as he was when he spoke about our government's ability to hack our cars.  On a related note, f you ever thought you might want to drive an older ride, now you have a good reason to.

Please read the story released by Richard Clarke about our government's ability to hack our cars.  Then please reexamine the peculiar deaths of Michael Hastings, who had written two of the biggest news stories of the year, that caused two high military officials to have to resign from their post.  Then, consider Paul Walker, who has been at the heart of a street racing series for more than a decade, and he was filming the 7th iteration of the movie, dying, when his car exploded like a giant inferno.

Making matters ever more interesting, in the opposite corner of the United States, a train, driven by a Rockefeller none the less, barrels off of the tracks going 80 mph, in a 30 mph corner.  As of today, December 4, they're saying the operator, William Rockefeller, was in a daze, or falling asleep.

Tragic days, back to back, November 30 and December 1, caused by speed- or so they say.  Do you think people are sick enough to organize such stunts?  These are the stories that are bombarding our media currently.  They're both awfully curious, and it leaves me wondering what else is really happening in the world right now...

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