Thursday, December 5, 2013

355 Days for this Sandy Hook 9-1-1 call? Why?

355 Days = 3+5+5 = 13
How many stripes on the flag?
How many original colonies?
How many Illuminati families?

The reason they're giving us this story nearly a year later, 10 days to the anniversary of the shooting, is for the psychological impact, which is why the government/media hoax was carried out in the first place.  Of course most decent people would never think their government would do something as deliberate and dishonest as stage a school shooting, but we are living in an era, where these people need to reexamine their beliefs, and dig deeper, because that is exactly what their government is doing, and more often than you think, from Boston Marathon Bombings to African Mall Shootouts.

Without further ado, here is the phone call.

Operator: "Newtown 911. What’s the location of your emergency?"
Caller: "Sandy Hook School. I think there’s somebody shooting in here, in Sandy Hook School."
Operator: "OK, what makes you think that?"
Caller: "Because somebody’s got a gun. I caught a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway … They’re still running, they’re still shooting. Sandy Hook School please."

More, from USA Today.

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