Friday, December 20, 2013

322 Watch: Olympus Has Fallen (Also, the White House Down connection)

On March 22, 2013, the action flick in which North Korea invades and destroys much of Washington D.C., Olympus Has Fallen, was released.  The movie features a cast of Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler.  For Morgan Freeman, Washington D.C. destruction movies are becoming a regular thing.  This was the first of two movies released this year featuring the destruction of much of Washington D.C. 

The second movie to be released was White House Down, starring Jamie Foxx. Channing Tatum and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  That movie was released on the equally curious date, June 28, 2013.  June 28, 2014, will mark the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War I, and the 64 year anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War.  To read more about this date in history and other important events that also occurred, please see this earlier blog post.

With regards to the theme of Korean invasions in the United States, a remake of Red Dawn was released on November 21, 2012 in which North Korea invades the United States.  It should be noted that the movie was initially going to have a plot of a Chinese invasion.  However, with the media routinely beating the war drum with North Korea, it seemed like a trendier plotline pick.

These release dates beg the question, do you think they're coincidences?

Olympus Has Fallen runs 119 minutes, or the number 9/11 reversed.

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