Tuesday, December 10, 2013

322 Watch: The Purge the movie

On June 7, 2013, the movie The Purge was released.  The plot of the movie is as follows:  In the year 2017, "The New Founding Fathers" have created a new law for the United States.  The new law is that from 7:00 pm on March 21, until 7:00 am March 22, U.S. citizens are free to murder and do as they will to anyone.  In other words, there is complete lawlessness for this twelve hour period of time.  According to the movie, since the inception of "The Purge", national crime is way down, and the nation is doing better as a whole, all because of this one day of "cleansing" and "sacrifice".

As creepy as the movie is, what is the most astounding about the entire plot, is the day the Purge takes place on.  Like the celebration of any Jewish holiday, it begins at sundown the day before, and in this case, ends on a March 22, or a 322, the infamous number of Skull and Bones.  If you're aware of these things, there is no question who the "New Founding Fathers" are as mentioned in this movie.

This 322 symbolism in movies is not isolated to The Purge.  As the stadium explodes in the The Dark Knight Rises, section 322 is shown.  As the Hoover Dam explodes in Transformers, the number 322 is shown for number of days without an incident.  The movies Skyfall and Superman; Man of Steel, both titles dealing with apocalyptic scenarios, are 2:23 long, or the number 322 backwards.  In Hollywood movies and shows, there is more of this 322 symbolism to be found, you just need to keep your eyes peeled to spot it.

Also, with regards to year 2017, which is when the Purge Holiday begins; it is the year that the earth ends as we know it in the Tom Cruise apocalyptic blockbuster, Oblivion.  The Purge also opens with a scene of murder taking place at 7:44 pm.  As discussed other places in this blog, there is much significance to the numbers seven and forty-four as well.  In real life, outside of the movies, President Obama once said we would not have to worry about the National Defense Authorization Act which made the United States an active battleground in the war on terrorism for as long as he is President.  Well, in the year 2017, he no longer will be.

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