Monday, December 2, 2013

Don't shoot the messenger, Confessions of a 9/11 Truther

The reason you must understand and confront what happened on September 11, 2001- is because it is a day that has changed how we live.  On that day, a terrible lie was covered up, and blamed on parties not responsible.  Since the event, we've been at war with a very specific region of the world, and we've given up our rights as citizens domestically for safety from this threat, that is literally being funded and created by our financial lending institutions, politicians, media, and military- who are tragically abused mentally and physically for the duties asked of them.  Instead of investing our resources in our own nation, and improving infrastructure, we've bombed and destroyed cities and lives.  As a consequence, we've seen our youth and men in uniform die, and even one of our own cities go bankrupt, in Detroit, MI.  To think, Detroit was the most promising city of the future in the 1960s.  In terms of human history, that is just a blink of an eye.  In that lesson, we should think about the world we live in.

Where is the justice?  What is this the purpose of all of this?  If we would just stop, and think, and take a minute to reflect on how we're contributing to the problem, perhaps we could stop this ongoing mechanism of global destruction against nature and humanity in one synchronized effort- of just stopping, and then working for our neighbors instead of our employers, who are often corporate titans.

But before we can do that, we have to reconnect with our neighbors.  We need to learn how to grow food.  We need to learn how to trust one another again.  Those things happen when community is established.  To reestablish community, we need a reason.  It is my belief we have a reason, and that is the coming disaster that is planned for our society.  The global elite, even on public television, often talk about population control.  Ted Turner once said he thought the population should be cut by 95%.  Not far from his CNN Headquarters, are the Georgia Guidestones, which were placed there on March 22nd, 1980.  They are a massive monument of astrological significance, that have 10 rules for a future society, written in 12 languages.  The first rule is, -maintain the earth's population at 500,000,000.  The last rule is, leave room for nature.  CNN launched as a network, June 1, 1980.  They are the network who has broken many major tragedy stories, including the attacks on September 11th.

Please ask yourself, especially if you're my age, what have you seen your government do to help people since you graduated from high school?  With that thought in mind, ask yourself, what have you seen your government do with regards to death and destruction, not just of humanity, but environments and ecosystems?  Our nation is responsible for the deforestation of the rainforest to keep up with hamburger demand in the United States, among the reason continents worth of garbage are floating in the ocean. 

It isn't our fault, only because we are lied to.  Many of us, are guilty however, of always turning the other cheek because we do not want to be bothered with such news.  We're also not told that $0.99 burgers cost Amazon rainforests in real trees and life of many kinds, but it is still true whether we know about it or not.  If you doubt, then you must investigate, and I can give you a great place to start.  Please read Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, and John Robbins Diet For a New America.  Or, read any Michael Polan book, he is good as well.

Time is running short for many, because the powers that be, want it that way.  They have nuclear weapons, they have laser weapons of long distance WMD capabilities, they have earthquake machines which has even been partially confirmed by NASA, they have so much stuff, it makes you sick.  It also makes you understand why your children are in the classrooms you were in more often than not, twenty and thirty years ago.  It is as MLK Jr. and many others once said, if you choose to spend your money on military and warfare, you will rob from education and all the other efforts that could be funded to build a strong society, such as good healthcare and medicine, as opposed to for profit health insurance that makes you even more of a slave to a system, which is what they global elite want- and an education system that does much the same.

Once you understand what you're living in, you'll have the motivation.  You just have to see it first.  So I hope you understand my message, and it makes you curious, to dig deeper for the truth.  I'm telling you, the truth might be a little scary and frustrating to uncover, but once you get it, it is for the better.  Then you can heal, and make the right decisions.  From the bottom of my heart, that is what I believe, and I think if more of us collectively became aware, very good things could happen.  It could become a great time to live, instead of a world filled with empty parks.  Imagine a world with community gardens, kids who can play while their parents have time to work the garden.  It could be.  It could so easily be!  You just have to believe, and achieve.

End the sadness, end the madness, come together, super gladness.

We can work on the cheer.

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